Why Your Business Needs SEO

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A lot of businesses as well as brands know now that they absolutely need SEO for their business. they also know about some of the many benefits that they can enjoy by having SEO incorporated into their business advertising. Talking in a nutshell, SEO will greatly improve the searchability and the visibility of a company. But does it offer any other value apart from that? Why is it considered so important?

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The Primary Source of Your Website’s Traffic Is Mostly Organic Searches

Searching organically is a massive part of the website in a business performance. It is also one of the most critical factors in the consumer funnel and finally it also helps to get users to engage actively with the brand. Most marketers will tell you that Google now owns a larger portion of the market for search as compared to other search engines like Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yandex for instance.

That said it does not mean that other search engines have nothing to do with the visibility of your brand, they all play a role but because Google owns more of the search market it is important that you follow the guidelines given by it. If your brand is one of the highly visible and trusted sources on Google you know now that it will definitely give you a lot of leverage. This is one reason why the right SEO is a must.

It Helps to Build Trust and Credibility

If there is an experienced SEO person who is handling your digital marketing, they will tell you that their goal would be to have a strong foundation for your website that also offers a great user experience and a lot of good searchability. These will definitely help build trust about you among your customers. According to Digital Debut in 2020 SEO is getting even more important among businesses.

Factors like having positive consumer behaviour, machine learning capacities, good and optimized content on your pages that follow guidelines and high quality of any backlinks used for instance are some factors that will be taken into consideration by Google. However, getting all of these things done and making sure that your brand is one that has credibility needs time and takes continuous effort.

A Better User Experience Goes Hand in Hand With SEO

Every business wants to rank well organically and also wants to have maximum visibility. There is a lot here to do with giving your customers an amazing user experience. Google uses their measurements to judge how good the user experience you offer is and that will play a big role in the visibility and rankings that you are given.


Customers usually know what they want and if they are having trouble finding it, the results will be negative. Your performance will be hindered. The way to overcome this is to offer the information that your customers are looking for fast, with accuracy and in a minimal number of clicks. The use of quality SEO will help this happen and will help give a boost to your performance.