Why LinkedIn Advertising Can Be Good

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The popularity of LinkedIn is so vast, I don’t think that there is anyone in the today’s world who does not know about it. As we all know LinkedIn is not just a platform for the professionals in all fields to connect and share knowledge but is also a good advertising medium especially for B 2 B enterprises.

Here are a few reasons why LinkedIn advertising can be good for you to promote your goods and services.

Easier To Target the Appropriate Audience

If you are selling items that are used for specialized purposes or are quite high in the price mainly because they are not items that someone would or could buy on a daily basis and they are not something you find in every local store, supermarket, it is important that your marketing campaign is viewed by the actual potential customers in contrast to being viewed by the public in general.

As was said before, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and businesses and it stores data about the type of the business, qualifications, job titles, interests, etc. This makes it easier for you to pick and address your target audience. You can select the important attributes of the potential customers and your advertisement will be displayed to those meeting the criteria specified by you.

This feature also makes it easier for the buyers to find what they want fast especially if they are not looking for ordinary items.

Are you a provider of a service? Well, then, you can also benefit from this targeting feature which is not only for sellers of goods. For example, if you are a provider of a service such as higher education, there is no point in advertising a diploma to a PhD holder or a CEO of a company. LinkedIn understands this and has developed this target marketing feature so that you will advertise your services only to people who will benefit from it and, therefore, is likely to obtain your services.

Targeting the audience is also important for companies who are undergoing a recruitment process. You would not want to receive millions of applications from every person out there and spend a lot of money and time for shortlisting the proper candidates whom you would want to interview. LinkedIn advertising can help you with displaying your vacancy advertisement to the potential candidates who fulfill the qualifications and experience requirements you have specified. This ensures that the majority of the applications you receive are from genuine candidates who at least meet the basic requirements of the job opening and you will not have to spend too much time on the shortlisting and interviewing people who may not be suitable.

men sitting across from eachother

You Don’t Have To Pay Extra

LinkedIn advertising charges you only per performance. That is, you will have to pay only when a person clicks on your advert. As you have already selected the target audience, the people who click on your advert are genuinely interested about what you are offering and, therefore, each click is a chance of completing the contract or the sale. This way you will not be wasting money by advertising for an ad hoc audience.

Another fabulous feature of LinkedIn advertising is that you can specify a daily budget. This will ensure that you will not spend your whole budget allocated for advertising on just one single day and you will have the opportunity of dividing your budget and increases the chances of new potential clients viewing your advert as some companies may start looking for your product or service only after a few days of advertising.


The LinkedIn advertisements are creative and you have different options for selecting the shape, size, where the advert is going to be displayed, etc. This enhances your chances of capturing the attention of potential consumers and encouraging them to deal with you.

As you can see, LinkedIn advertising can be good for you in many ways you may never even have thought even though you used LinkedIn for so many years.