National Sovereignty in The Digital Format

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Globalization, a term used in contemporary societies which has become a buzzword in and of itself, but the real essence of the word has long been forgotten along with its complexity. But today in modern era where the bygone footprint of a previous generation has long been washed off ashore in almost catastrophic and dramatic ebb of time, the effects of globalization has re-echoed its dark and ambiguous shadow over the boon that it offered since the time of its conception and practical utility.


Globalization offers with it the blessings of connectedness and open doors, but with its economic open-door policy it has welcomed together with it the negative side of that welcoming arms and that is foreign intrusion and internal elements that might cause the nation to fall or be destroyed. Information flows freely but together with its freedom is the high chance of internal and national instability.

The framework of the internet is interconnectedness together with other networks. Much like globalization connectedness is its key asset to make it work properly. Its key essence is also the very element that brings its complexity. To offer connection with others is also the action that also welcomes and warrants other to simply walk in and intervene with internal and national affairs. Cyber security – Gridware is employed by national and federal government to offer extra defence in national security.

Economic Implications

Beyond the issues of the internet and the technology that it brings that plays a symbolic role in the dangerous game of power, control, and domination, the internet also offers economic opportunities for common people and even for national interest. With the advent and help of technology and a government’s policy on globalization, the national state can engage in economic trades and even use the internet as leverage in its dealings.


Lastly, the internet can be a foundation where politicians can use it to bend voters towards their platform to vote for them, the only danger is when foreign elements get involved in this tug-of-war that it harms the nation and its native and legal inhabitants.

Internet control

Aside on the very obvious reasons on national security, the internet and technological platform also opens the debate on internet control by tyrannical countries or states that are controlled by the militia or dictators. What is cyber security in a country so tyrannical that it becomes a mere weapon in its arsenal of arms that will do well not only to serve the tyranny but also to attack its own people, while on democratic and free countries cyber security is a must to preserve freedom of speech and information.

Disco in 80s

Also, there are other cases where a country will do everything just to preserve its control and sovereignty that it is willing to constraint the information flowing through its digital boundaries to protect its denizens of the aggressive stance that other countries are bombarding its nation.

Not every opportunity is a stairway towards Utopia, at some point it offers a grim opportunity for others to abuse it.