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quite subordinate importance. It is a part of the general dis
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Among the cases of double wrist drop there have been three
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to the calcaneum or astragalus as the case may be he expresses his
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temperature if at the same time the humidity of the atmosphere
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which is chiefly found in theguisf of a torpefying vapourchoke
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only the so called zonular ulcers Gilrtel geschwure which never
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for us to trace out and arrange as they are in the local
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cavity. The pedicle was tied the kidney removed the peritoneal cavity
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tinguished from the deposits either of cirrhosis or of albuminoid liver.
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terwards by friction about the head and neck with mer
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lier temperature was still high usually 103 at night she had
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eflFects. of its simpler modifications. And we may hence seethe
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tida and chenopodium Vnlvaria or stinking arach the ji j
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excluded the presence of biliverdin or to have extracted
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Formerly when pilgrims to Mecca returned to Egypt by caravans the
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to deftroy converted by her punifhment to become an Apo
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pipe but this was ultimately put aside and liver of sulphur given
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sullen and angry. His diet was immediately improved and four ounces
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in the present instance although these muscles doubtless aided in with
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the drainage tube slipped out and the child became comatose
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iBucli. In some an external irritant can scarcely be borne for a few
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ing no other sen.ses by which to discover and keep up a
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any fuch excellent virtue in nature it could not have remain
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from the ligatures and by approximating his hands brings the
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cular entity ot the mind seems to have been conducted entity have
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are simple. And that the ideas I have now referred to
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The knee jerks are still veiy poor. The treatment was by
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devise any rational plan to treat the fistula but the only indication to
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a fourth part as many recover and if more than tvvocompaia
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tion are Magical e feels produced by the pbanfie of the faid
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fcabby on his buttocks j the fire torrifying the excrement and
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Dr. Hilton Fagge Guy s Hospital Eeporta 1867 contributes some
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tors jji g convulsive start yet not so as to interrupt the flow
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as to be able like the electric or magnetic aura to pass
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very common cause of insanity in all its forms but there
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no twitching of the eyelids no contraction of the mouth nor any trace
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Paipitation neral dropsy. By close confinement and quiet and the
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injection of perchloride of iron into a naevus produced instantaneous
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the stomacli or bovvtis be suFi red this as far as possi
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siderable ascites a rare complication of the disease.
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of belladonna so long as the combination was continued.
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crutch for a few days and once from sleeping upon his arm.
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This when recovered and taken along with another discovered in the gut
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this subject to have been entirely cured five had their
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finger and with the cornea downwards. The eye was replaced and
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but as regards the remittent form the experience was small and not
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through tbe subclavian and vena cava inferior reached into tbe right
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even in cases in which this character is most obscure.
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the system when it was again supplied after having been cut off after
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and dislocation of the ankle joint without wounds of the skin where
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mortem showed epiphysitis of one shoulder with suppuration in that joint and
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it. Yet this I could eafily difcern that there was no fexual
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tailed by Tardieu. A gentleman brought an action against a railway
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that the tendons and vessels would have been better avoided had he
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became more acute tlian ever. Two days after we wereFaithei
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certain period of rest returns again with as much vio
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questions addressed to him. In one case says Mr. Blake
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occur but Only occasional efforts at inspiration especially if the animals
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from a sort of natural connexion between the two often
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probably lead paralyses the kidneys aud thus prevents excretion of
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thataifo r thus qualified muft be the onely he that can
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phrosis. He attempted an outline of the diagnosis but owned
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Dublin on the subject of ligature of the common femoral artery just
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slow and stertorous and in those which proved fatal
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Prussic subduing the sensibility and this is prnssic acid. Mr.
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are well entitled to attention. This practice says he Podifce
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tant commercial town it has been constantly observed in the three in
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communications with the supreme centres. We shall bear in mind
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only other amusement in which he was at all proficient was
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The ideas presented to tlic mind froTTi which soever
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sensation and motion of which the fifth pair offers a
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In 1893 however Pfeiffer discovered the influenza bacillus
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result of obstruction by the increase in fibrous tissue or dila
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made at once into the area of extravasation which already extended high up
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are drown rare and wonderful and some of them altogether in
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is characterised by its well known peculiarities as a fibroid material.
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barbed sides and is darted with great rapidity out of the
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M. Carcassonne has applied an instrument of his construction de
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period of life should produce apoplexy should in an
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cause and especially the predisposition of the system toms affec
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jSTewcastle and to compress the abdominal aorta so as to completely
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being kept tightly closed. Yet all this happened to a patient
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Many fuch examples occur to our quotidian obfervance.
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Tibia A D Fibula. A man aged 48 admitted with a simple comminuted
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our wifhes that every fick Phanfie might not be tolerated to
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to consist in some morbid structure or secretion in the j
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the lungs. In the nine experiments of the next group bronchial and
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greatly distended between the duodenum and the seat of impaction.
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especially to bring out the colloid changes. The growth is a colloid
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action of the quadratus lumborum and psoas muscles chiefly the
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In like manner the mind can produce complex ideas by complex
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cation need only be tried in those occasional cases in which morphia or
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