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with force he looks sadly at his left arm which is relatively

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progressive muscular atrophy and the disease is so far advanced that there is

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may be observed varying from a simple transient cloudiness of

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press. These show that this danger cannot be neglected a conclusion

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cholera epidemic of 1854 I met with many cases in individuals

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phenomenon of no great value and that the muscular spasms

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of four healthy animals was taken in the usual manner

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constriction and insufficiency of the mitral orifice. Heart voluminous dilated

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by means of a large trocar and canula enlarged by a probe

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this necessary. The result was most satisfactory and the patient has

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Gilbart Smith who once more examined her throat. She

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plied and they distributed themselves as in human cases between

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glass. Liquid hydrofluoric acid is then poured on for

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again to the Middlesex Hospital and was admitted under

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on rather gradually but decidedly 104 2 in the first

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far above the umbilicus but that the right border was far to

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had obtained two sound cures. It is true that two years had not

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cerebral rheumatism I will first tell you of the premonitory

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other and that in future I shall always advise an ex

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edly so on the left side. Some of them particularly those

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the determination of the exact duration of pregnancy in the human

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is self evident that the paralysis caused by an accidental

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and leading on to the methods of securing that healthy mastery of

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having occurred in 56 instances. Forty of these patients recovered

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such cavities cannot contract upon their contents and the

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ployment of a method of discovering the relative sizes of head and

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spreads upwards and on ib reaching his head he suddenly falls

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organ of fhe manifestations of tliouglit by speecli in the two

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There was a third patient in bed IsTo. 11 who from her

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white fumes on exposure to air. It unites violently

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the right. His gait was slow but unimpaired to all ap 3earance

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rated with considerable distinctness into clot and serum.

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to the skin such as painting it with tincture of iodine or

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the writers have followed German bacteriologists. A noteworthy

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termed from which it differs totally not only as to its nature

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down for tubei culosis by Calmette and devised a method of obtaining

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Carnegie Dickson was in full agreement. He would also strongly appeal for

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hysterica seems to start from the same point from the same

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regularly four times a day. Fifty four hours after in

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Dupuytren s splint is the best and every now and then Syme s