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world whose milk supply is similar to that of New York.

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spring of 1871 she was struck on the forehead by a stone

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fine sand and cannot mix with water. Creosote or cor

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the action of the flexors in the grasp. The rule seems to be

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inch from the pleural surface and separated from the sur

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anterior surface is concave from side to side and slightly

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lessons already that even an antiseptic spray will not

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of the deaf school doctors and those interested in education and

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tional syphilis and when a treatment by mercury and iodine has

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ous solution being a readier solvent than water. The

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end of a pencil the patient complains of a pricking pain

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There can be little doubt that this patient was syphilitic

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As in children who die of brain fever tubercles are almost in

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some of these malformations. In A the doubling is nearly

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epileptic fit. Thus an individual will tell you that on waking in

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muscular atrophy is attended with greater difficulty. In the

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all attainable under the provisions of the Act fail to convince us

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half of the third vertebra is merely an appendage to the

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The spleen was enlarged. It was firm in consistence. There

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intermission between the attacks induce me to believe that they

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by the physiological phenomena which he must try to pro

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which seemed not to exist then the peripheral extremities of

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It too often happens on the contrary that women die of eclampsia

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stenosing tendo vaginitis and which he regai ded as a clinical entity.

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all slowly and stir constantly until cold. Used as a

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had existed it would make one of the patients twenty

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of the wounds comes round and thus heart and lungs fail

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dromata such as cephalalgia vomiting injection or brilliancy of

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four five or six months and he has some difficulty in keeping his

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that molluscum contagiosum has nothing to do with the

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On the following day he could answer questions that were put

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Diagnosis. While the symptoms may be of help detection of

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occasion this troublesome symptom recurred again. For four or five months

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ophthalmic surgeons and to graduates preparing for a higher examina

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A general indication is that of relieving the pain whatever

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years old. Three years and a half ago he first noticed that

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The present subject is a controverted one and raises many

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