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periment with Paquet I held out my two arms and hands and

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Reye entirely confirms the frequent association of the other physical

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contractions or whether the convulsion is incomplete as in

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deferentia imperfect testes rudimentary Wolffian body. His

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December 1900 complaining of fits and also of dull aching pains

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dressing secured by a bandage round the chest. During

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runs a stream of water conveyed in a conduit of stone and

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fortnight 7 recovered of 4 between the fifth and seventh weeks none

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about 1873 Daniell and is soluble in nitric acid. It

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at least from which they had suffered in utero the mothers

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At the eighth month the uterus attains its greatest height in the

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Avascular symptoms that thymic enlargement is found. By transplant

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the treatment of many individual fractures Init it will be useful if

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were at the same time fixed her face was slightly distorted.

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the influence of grief or of shame arising from their awful com

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Eour hours afterwards on his renewing the attempt as he wished

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veilleur. It consists of a stem bearing at its extremity nume

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cular rheumatism under his care there will then be 460 cases

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a period in the respiratory muscles and thus interfering with the

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available to him when he wrote or indeed up to the time

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in this particular form of Aphasia It may be objected that there

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This sign would if verified form an easy and valuable test of

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often met with in cases where a hiceration has not been properly

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of Experimental Anatomists came to an end. In 1850 while

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mind namely that we are totally ignorant of the essential pro

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Trust it is no exaggeration to say that a revolution has been here

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is wholly paroxysmal or it is sustained and of remittent

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begins to contract the muscles of the limbs. His electro muscular sensibility and

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nearly every case of St. Vitus s dance rheumatic pain had at

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commissure was pulled upwards and outwards the naso labial

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We confess and are perhaps to blame that we did not adopt

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I am indebted to Dr. Goodall for much helpful criticism in

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greatest help on account of the inflammatory reaction the patient may

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he is absolutely incapable of moving a single step without falling

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appendicitis and the differential diagnosis may be possible only after