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one year and four months I heard nothing of her. I was

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the book is one which we have no hesitation in strongly recommending

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seemed to enjoy his usual state of health and ate with some

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cerebro spinal liquid could be regulated so as to exert the optimum

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pneumothorax arose not from the exclusion of one lung but from the

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the fever on the course of the chorea there are other cases also

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the patient may shriek from the pain of the cramps he gives

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symptoms are very slight. Intermediate form the contractions become

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the seats of special contractions. The senses were not mark

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laryngitis in which the spasm of the larynx which characterizes

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also found that if a portion of the spinal cord were separated as

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him from his duties for a time. A few hours later although

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line to the extent of four inches the umbilicus forming

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III. Case of Cholecystotomy performed for Dropsy of the

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tendencies. As regards previous illnesses he had had scarlet fever

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the short ligature was employed without any antiseptic

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Now had this patient quarrelled with and killed a man in the

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implicated but where the caecum is large and movable and apparently

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about her own condition note this well gentlemen. Yet I was

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not diminished for their various muscles contract with normal force and energy.

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Against them are placed the beneficent progress of surgery and our

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merely used a strip of sticking plaster or a piece of rag rubbed