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ounces is useful in gastric complications and in active congestion of
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or disease. To this sensation M. Hubner has given the
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amount of twenty five grains to a dose and in a few days
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pyocyanin directly from the stools. He regards his case as
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not retard the operation and that the blood escapes with the lens. The
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indulgence in corporeal pleasures sometimes by violent Causes
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and eight ounces of blood in twelve hours which sunk
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ca se ap singular case of the same disease described by Mr. Wood
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Prof Kussmaul discusses the question of paracentesis thoracis. He
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undei tills generic division are given no species what Entasia
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luct.ince but nothing more to handling a glass goblet vvate.
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Of the above 92 cases 8 were idiotic 55 melancholic. Effects on
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as the fury of the fit by intervals fomewhat remitted re
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The nerves issue in pairs one of each pair being allotted tions and
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lar case by a student or Gray s Inn about nineteen years
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within due yocal orgaus in stammering has not unfrequently been
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nucleus on one side independently of its fellow govern the movements
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they all respond alike to electrical mechanical or other excitation ot
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the micro organisms they have found are the direct cause of
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Vomiting continued with other signs of comj lete obstruction.
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field Esq. of the Polygon Soraer s Town Mineralogist
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speedily mends matters but the oil should be given when first resumed
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them for better the patient should if possible be im
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through it beneath the united skin flap. There was then no
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to cases of bferaorrhage and tliat he teaches that in cases of secondary
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belly of the muscle indeed is at this time evidently
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head of the humerus slipped audibly into the articular cavity. The
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of tubercle in other organs it is right to keep the name tubercular
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Neive ing. Dr. Hubner published an inaugural dissertation on
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a cure being accomplished with a much smaller quantity.
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signs of asphyxia dyspnoea and convulsions are absent. But this
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In this and the third variety much benefit is often deriv
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race in parallel steps with the other commencing coetane
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the quantity of fluid vomited in obstruction of the upper portion of the
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classes of animals alone for as the scale in animal life
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enter into its make much of the comfort of life has such
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afterwards. This seems to be precisely a case of those remissions which
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marked optic neuritis some weakness oE right arm and leg. The diagnosis was
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tendency to cough. In order to correct tlie experiment the trachea
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instance the nape of the neck and the back becomes callous to its
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aimost the mend themselves to us from the good effects we have
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changed into ftone induces acruftaceousfurface or parget
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obviating the danger occasioned by their multiplication in and about
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which when mingled with oxygen can be respired for a considerable
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fell into a state of the most distressing melancholy be
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difficult and the saliva constantly dribbles from the
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became melancholic but the eruption never returned.
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The pegs were inserted four months after the accident but did not excite
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destruction and mummification of one ovum during the development of
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jaw. is perpetually occuring in the nomenclature of medicine
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which this occurred was composed of five children three boys of the
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have been born defective in several of these senses with
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a palsy of the wliole body of sensation of mind and of
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ducent plan is not always calculated to afford it radical y
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by its application. The symptoms disappeared after four hours use
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living particles may be too far remote for the purposes of
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from which also Specimen 483a Series i. was removed. The nodules are
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is perhaps no book to which he is so much indebted for
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caused by the presence of tubercles. In rare cases the double affec
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those febrile intercostal neuralgic rheumatic pains which come between
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owing to their lengthening as well as dilatation. By pressure on these
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thocgh producing no specific difference are sufficient tOin y
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intenfe and vigorous and in flejh and bloody far more remifle
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dicines is the more necessary as the bowels of maniacal
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to the general mass of nerves that issue from it. Thus
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lected from and which has been given at some length under the genus
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do not bear any comparison in point of success with those obtained in
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perience with his colleagues at his residence. Possibly climatic or local
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some return of power on the hemiplegic side. The tumour was
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Euphrasia sesses a Stimulant and hence a medicinal power. Whence
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flattened and bulged upwards. From the main abscess pus had made
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ed blood was in every instance the cause both of this
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tongue stifif and torpid but not much furred the whole
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recorded with an equal number of deaths and recoveries. In Italy
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into view the intensity of interest with which this subject
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capable of swallowing some spirituous cordial as a glass
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he died of a complaint totally unconnected with the
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have felt very violent pain in the parts affected particu
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posterior pillars of the pharynx but there was no internal opening.
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vailed iu some places but it is greatly less severe than that observed
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fication of connective tissue nor from pus but by the bronchial cartilages
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October 26. The temperature has remained high see chart
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of the causes of both these affections is profound con
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nearer the floor of the mouth. This lobe is first affected when
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cornea and a centimetre and a half in length extending along the
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and a puncture was made in the swelling about three quarters
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nitric acid. The play of colours constituting Gmelin s reaction
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then it would not be neceffary that a circle hould be drawn
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Laplander menstruated only once a year. In 391 women 49 was the
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formes that delude the fenfe becaufe the God of mercies permits
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course of a normally or abnormally running tubercular meningitis die
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fame admirable effect might arife from many other Vulnerary
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absent than present. Enlarged glands have been also met with
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ing red or livid often opening afresh and oozing forth a
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since we shall find as we proceed that this species of Iff rent
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veins were varicose but the health was good ultimately the pain and
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hence produce the lt omplex idea of a hundred a thousand lectuai
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cf Rez tnge remaining firmly imprefTed upon the blood and
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lio ecsta furnished from the infernal regions. Hence the blood
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Dr. Konig s paper concludes with some very good observations on
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oxide of zinc asafoetida and musk but admits that the efi cct obtained
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alive. The reciprocal influence of pregnancy labour and childbed on
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whetlier it be not a peculiar form of anasarca deflected of anasai
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shown by Eegnal s recent experiments possesses no proj erties anti
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into Elvas from before the lines of Badajos the life of
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streptococci and staphylococci but never once the typhoid
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catarrh of the bladder for which indeed complicated with other cir
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Malediction inoculated into the creatures in their fpring or
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changes. The specimen was obtained from a Avoman set. 22 years who
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Through the scapula. A cabman aged 48 was admitted with a large
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the cranial cavity closed. On this head experiments are also adduced
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serviceable at first taken in doses of from three to five
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ema resulting from a subscapular abscess. There was not a good
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There was no death or any complication after any of the fifteen operations
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diffusible excitants have been employed on like occasions