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alone furnishes reliable results and all the shorter methods which

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muscles of the tongue alterations of nutrition similar to those

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tired and requires great kindness and consideration from

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At an early stage it was found that the direct method had

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The excellent arrangements made by the London County Council for

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inadvertence and nearly always disclosed by the licensees themselves.

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tip of the internal malleolus is sometimes in Pottos frac

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lection of pus inside the chest and inflammation of the joints

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on in pyaemia or in diseases of low type. It begins with a

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on so quickly lasting for a more or less prolonged period that

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Professor Caird read a paper on the Treatment of Tuberculous Peritonitis

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substances. If however the focal nature of the infection be

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officer of health will be glad rather than annoyed because a greater

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that just mentioned. We shall see later that cerebellar control

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depuis ces anatomistes avoir etc perdus de vue et leur

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a little gold leaf which would cause a precipitate with

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in which no fluctuation could be discovered and which

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treatment and I recollect seeing at an establishment of mineral

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and deglutition have been transformed in various degrees the

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vents his walking and lastly there is a kind of paralysis

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conditions he always raises his left hand and looks at the finger.

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I extract the following from a remarkable lecture On the Importance of

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examine the tissue of the body with the microscope both in the

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felt somewhat shaky. About a month afterwards however

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association with other nsevi hairy or smooth. It is a benign melanoma

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Cases in which there is paralysis of the tongue unaccompanied by wasting

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In every one of the above cases the amount of muscular power

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confined to superficial parts of the body the organisms do not

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very striking instance of this. Of course all the cases are not

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Museum of the Koyal College of Surgeons England. He added many

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made to the alterations in resistance found in Basedow s disease and

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general been slight at the outset coma supervening ten minutes

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was less frequent but the cephalalgia being still more violent if

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the drug showed itself five hours after the administration of

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generations bring on physical moral and intellectual degene

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weak his pulse slow and compressible the surface of his body is

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symptoms in a child who is scrofulous or who is the issue of