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French like a Parisian yet since his illness he does not speak

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the powerful influence of those doctrines and I was induced to

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mities amp c. In order to avoid this mistake however the patient s

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himself in the case of a patient whom we saw together at Tivoli.

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list of all the remedies which have in turn been vaunted against

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Tieche has however found the pigment blue in some sections. The

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complete relief. The appendix in these cases may become inflamed as

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ing the difference between the red ribbon of the Legion of

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were satisfactorily resected some to a centimetre others to a centi

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the rib mass to the angle of junction of the two ribs and

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tion as the paralysis. Her emotional excitability is much less than before

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to Leith Hospital on 7th September 19n. On examination he was

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besides disseminated and superficial patches of yellow softening on both hemi

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I now give Numan s conclusions on this point with explana

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we include cases showing general invasion of the serous surfaces

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again say what I told you regarding tartar emetic. Cannabis

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oxidization takes place more rapidly than when the steel

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the knee joint. Whilst I was examining the joint the boy s

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within 26 hours of the laparotomy and with no ill effects. Mother

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attack lasted from fifteen to thirty seconds and when it was over

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his microscope to the inflammatory changes in the brain and turn

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persisted until death. Amblyopia next set in at first affecting

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ndministered in less marked cases bicarl onate of soda along with

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disease was ushered in by nerve shock p. 244 the other is

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about four or five years the peculiar paroxysmal pains just mentioned were the

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may completely preclude the administration of opium in sufficient

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It is difficult to assign the fourth rib in the specimen to its