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rature on and after the fifth day. This I believe to be

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general law which may be laid down regarding the influence of

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clusion is one which most of our profession will unreservedly accept

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across his head and on trying to take it away pulled out a

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more accurate diagnosis was possible for there was an

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word reminded her of another sometimes the first sometimes

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of the right limbs lastly that whatever the other lesions

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cannot always be localised. Two types of cases exist 1 in which

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each blue paper and in each white paper put 35 grains

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once the condition of multiple osseous tumours or bony thickenings

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general muscular debility as well as symptoms of glosso laryngeal

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Dr. Sewell received from him a note saying that he had

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Sometimes even they are limited exclusively to one half of the

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disease I say generally because it sometimes presents even at

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Facial Hemiplegia its causes and symptoms. Contraction of the Muscles consecutive

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double facial paralysis resulting from a violent concussion which

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corresponding degenerative changes and the radial artery is often

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we may have the concussion inducing also breach of continuity of

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satisfactory. The work can he confidently reconinicnded to students

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the progress of research of true knowledge and of medicine and

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reactions 48 hours and over are much less frequent with its use

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to approach the female. Not having found any mixtuie

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varieties in animal and in other kinds of human tuberculosis strongly

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femoris contrasted with the almost normal resistance of the cor

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in abdominal section differ in degree and consist of a series

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noticed several times these various affections may be totally

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might be termed respiratory because after the spinal accessory

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arise primarily out of certain states of mental conflict experience out

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to difficulty in the emptying of the stomach and this difficulty

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There were three deaths all amongst the exudative type. Of thir

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Tincture of Jalap L. Jalap coarsely powdered 5 oz.

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into the lung cavity through the intervening lung tissue

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tremities. Dr. Rayer who has given it in cases of old and

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the hands especially the right one were numb. Eight turpen

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and if no chair were near at hand she was compelled to sit

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depression to the left of the middle line and apparently on

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In this case although the disease may have been precipitated

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He draws attention to several important points regarding the

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the incidence of fever and that the pulse and temperature

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and thus cannot be used for the oxidation of the acetone bodies.

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read in the Journal de Fliysiologie of Dr. Brown Sequard

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have one of them deformed. Meckel and Vrolik whom he

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