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work may be present in cases in which the diphtheria bacillus

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of their presence. Ilremoptysis diarrhoea and ulceration of the bowels

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He then points out the awkward and unnecessary way the weights the

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thrice facred Deity but the Inte letl Will and Memory re

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having intimate relations with the arteries in this situation and with

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or even sooner the failure of the pulse and the appearance

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also inert when given in the doses therein prescribed.

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ture as if man a vile worm had fathom d the power of

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variety another distinct affection which he denominates jviyosis of

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its action on frogs its explosive properties best tried in capillary glass

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children signs of rickets had appeared. In three cases of older children

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cope in the former case a change in its diameter in like

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direct proportion to the muscular activity of the individual. He regards

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any particular pursuit and especially to handicraft trades

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dilatation of the tubes while Kanthack and Rolleston con

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well or healthily there is a feeling of ease and comfort

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special senses and even communicates general sensation purpose

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normal but rarest of all diminished. As yet there is no explanation

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glory and dignity and devefted your fclf of your own native

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Eucalyptus globulus. Dr. UUersperger recommends this plant as a

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therefor you as models and in their prayers with wel

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this very interesting body. He points out the great danger involved in

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ner of life to which he was accustomed. This as far as.

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fatal ones after laparotomy for intussuscejjtion. In another case

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fecretly ambufcadoed in the material mafs of the feed and

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eyelids a projection of the eyeball forwards. This movement presents

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mainly of large endothelial cells and resembles in structure a so called

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nished a hypostatic condition. Shortly expressed the functions of a

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arrived at the following conclusions i That the enlargement during

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feducT ion of its own domeftick heaven becomes exorbitant

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magick of intuition. On the anvil therefore whereon the

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dimness of sight appears to depend chiefly upon a de

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seat the frequent presence of sanguineous infiltrations in the gastro

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first variety an external application of the tincture otofthe first

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the mucous membrane from the irritating action of the poison.

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over him under the variety we are now contemplating he Love of

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action on the motor nerves of the blood vessels effecting dilatation of their

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quiet life had been temperate and had not suffered from

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and irritation of flatulency in dyspeptic and hypochon

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He relates another case of esj ecial interest in which the disease was

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lous for Nature her felf confefleth a fubjedion and con

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reconstructive acts both together leading to anaemia that is to aglo

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generally describe the arteries as issuing from the heart

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irritability. Masses of matter endowed with these new

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and Mr. Ballance. A subcortical cystic glioma was present

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cases of more active delirium he would place more reliance upon opium.

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ni hen we are sure of an acrimonious defcedation in this

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press on the nerve and so cause pain. Of narcotic stimulant remedies

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tant contractions renew their violence and with additional

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The child died eleven months later of a recurrence of the

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fthnuiams. Temporary relief has also in many cases been obtained

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and figurative and their hand ready to aid the distrest.

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turbance of the refraction or accommodation and points out that

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and DogieljJ who endeavour to show that in frogs lizards and blind

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dish and touching them with a glass rod dipped in fuming

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bility are disturbed in their flow or regularity of action J

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the blind worm or common harmless snake is the only gt

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cases mental mostly fright. Eheumatic affections had occurred

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Peri uterine Conditions. Hematocele Pelvic Cellulitis Pelvic

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The rhus Vernix or varnish sumach is chiefly in Tried with

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some cases the disease has been cured by the pus making

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river Esk in the near neighbourhood of his home from thence

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ijredisnonent cause is supposed to exist in the head the Cerebral

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and the growth shelled out with scissors and fingers. There was much

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raise the interest of his pupils in their cases and in answer to

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ing or the power of singing on the power of dancing

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simplex ixiugt necessarily take place so long as the living princi

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The lymph glands in the neck were found to contain no new

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or taken internally produce death by destroying the

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y the violence of the symptoms. Where under the first va

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ently described and almost always feigned I can scarce

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Sylvian fissure and here it is not present. From my observa

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a morbid or excessive secretion of sentient fluid or a de fi stinct

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tracted from the bladder the patient was for a time much relieved

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wafted to anobjed atvafldiflance. This is made good by

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other magnerical virtue then that which redounds to it from

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I entered the drawing room where she usually spent the

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corpuscles and is not retained by simple physical laws of absorption.

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warm nervine irritants as musk camphor valerian with Treatment.

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riority in another person and hence to save him in a con

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albumen. Here and there ran fibrils of connective tissue between the

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Schraube s paper is an exhaustive treatise on acute phosphorus poi

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when he feared the incifion of his own arm he hired a Porter

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triumph amidst the reiterated shouts of Vive la Repub

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puerperal fever 12 of metritis and 20 of miliary fever 13 ended

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SarTost S c w opinion of the late Mr. Grant of Bath and

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little fluid was draining away I passed a longer cannula on a.

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of figures in the above table justify us in concluding that his

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dyssesthesia interna which he characterizes as a want

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neration and concluded that this condition of the kidney was

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from getting out of bed. Strapping with padded straps was

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muscles and have no effect on the brain whatever so as to

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As the inquiries have proceeded it has become plain that not merely

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one and therefore gives no characteristic symptoms. The known

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Society ai d Dr. Gairdner in a lecture published in the Glasgow Medical

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cuiaris. LocAL PALSY is often produced by the general causes

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second o eration was performed and the kidney which was enlarged to three

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because their presence diminished the proportion of open sores among

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durinf and afcer the exercise is considered there is a slight increase.

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be chiefly depended upon yet judicious conversation

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quinament of the wound unto it felf and fo put on as much

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their removal just when a patient is beginning to recover from the

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for eleven years but who had no external suppuration underwent excision

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In the Transactions of the Medico Chirurgical Societyf Additional

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extra fe beyond the dimenfions of her felfe by virtue of the

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charge its activity rafhly and at random but onely on its own

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the accession of the hemiplegic paralysis the patient died and it was

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thousands of cases. There is certainly great need of improving the

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vessel was filled with water none could be forced through the opening

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gicall yet naturali power of the witch may be we muft ex

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vesicle of the chest. Bacteriological examination of the blood and all the organs

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untenable he says is the hypothesis of those who suppose that the

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sleep which never exists in asphyxy unless indeed the

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A spastic and aching traction now suddenly darts at

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capillaries not only white but also red cells escape through the walls. A