"You tell us what you want to sell. You tell us how much you want to spend. You tell us where you want to be found. Could it be any simpler?"

Think global. Search local.



Gavin Kotkin www.yesdvd.com.au

I'm extremely happy with the way things are going with Yodel Australia. We have been receiving a lot of interest from our Google's Sponsored link. By simply placing a 4 line advert on Google's first page results, we've been able to experience the benefits immediately. Having a dedicated account specialist looking after my account really helps out a lot because they spend a lot of time to get to know our business needs. Their service consultations are simply invaluable! I would highly recommend this product to anyone without hesitation; Yodel Australia always provides a service which is fundamental for business. I've even recommended it to my friends to sign up as well! Thanks

Winning Windows

Nadia Hamilton www.winningwindows.com.au

I have been using Google AdWords for three months now and find the service to be great value for the money spent. They have helped to select effective keywords that real internet searchers use to find my products. Their editorial staff have access to information and ideas that have helped my business gain new customers every month. I feel valued as a customer and know if I call to make changes or to discuss anything about my listing I will be listened to and taken care of. The service is outstanding – prompt and reliable, and any request is actioned without fuss. I am just too busy running my business to take the time needed to run my ADWORDS effectively, Yodel Australia has taken all that hassle away from me and taken on board all my internet needs. Thank You


Frank Argiro www.trophyland.com.au

I decided to sign up with Yodel Australia since February 2006 and not once have I regretted it! I used to run and manage my own account and it used to continually frustrate me to death! Google AdWords can cost you literally hundreds if you don’t manage it properly. Yodel Australia's has professionally trained Google AdWord specialist who know who to get into the system, get you the most amount’ of clicks, and most importantly the best ROI. For small companies like mine, choosing where to put your spending is so fundamental to our survival. The flexible pricing packages are well suited to my needs as well. Finally, I particularly liked the dedication of Yodel Australia’s account managers to action my request for the account. If something’s not in the best interest of my account needs, they are quick to make suitable recommendations or suggestions. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone, unless you're my competitor! Thanks a bundle

Serviettes Online

Jill Wright Manager

Before signing up with Yodel Australia, I was extremely sceptical. Having invested in other similar programs in the past with other web based companies, I admit that I was hesitant to put my trust in this form of online advertising. I found that the others simply did not measure up to the expectations of orders that I was lead to believe that they would generate. To my surprise, I have been overwhelmed by the response that we have had with Yodel Australia. Their sponsored links via AdWords and targeted keywords have increased our business takings by 80%, and generated many more hits than we ever could have generated otherwise. For the first time, we now know that people are genuinely interested in what we have to offer because orders have been flowing in since we signed up. On top of that, Yodel Australia continue to keep me up to date on what keywords are working for our site, and if some are not working as well as we would like, we are able to change them without any additional charge. As a manager of a small business, I would happily recommend Yodel Australia and their Google AdWords program to any small business that simply needs to break through the 'spiderweb' of trying to be noticed on the net. The service is simply invaluable to our business!! It could be to yours as well!

Unique Carriage Hire

Samantha Crichton www.trophyland.com.au

My name is Samantha Crichton.
Yodel Australia started our website couple of years ago.
Our business has tripled, I can not believe how well our website is going. Yodel did it all for us, they designed and put it all together, as I am not very good on the computer, they helped me understand all about it. For any business out there without a website, you must call Yodel Australia.