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February he was suddenly seized by a severe pain in the epi

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epilepsy the second was amaurotic and died insane leaving also

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of chronic cases of acquired insanity can be so described but they

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relief to the patient. In both cases however the lung

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not only a very subordinate and secondary cause of trouble but

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they may be which result in what we call the septic con

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the body for some time between the centre for the body

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dren was admitted and I never once saw swelling of the thymus


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owing to the presence of iron in the endothelial cells. Many large

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and his eyes remained half closed without the pupils being

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cardial thrombus having a deposit of fibrin on the surface and a

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the facial nerve are not affected those for example which

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excavation or acute miliaiy tuberculosis. With the kidney affection

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accepted as probably only approximately correct for this country in

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chiefly amongst foreign observers as to the nature of the

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But if we deduct the five deaths which were the immediate

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he was also studying the brain in the same manner. He as was

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Used as an active cathartic in obstinate constipation

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test in diagnosis of the various clinical forms of tuberculosis.

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again they partially recover their consciousness and begin to

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this especially the persistence of lactation during gestation

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many others besides which are perhaps more frequently met

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of the exterior grows downwards in the dorsal region as the

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especially by Aran. Its influence is now admitted by all prac

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of vapour or to tingling starts from some portion of his body

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While agreeing with most other writers on the subject that the X ray

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is perhaps the analogue of the transitory congestions which we

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results obtained are of far reaching importance for they point to the

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really dependent upon some earlier departure from the

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are now termed Gartner s canals especially as it draws attention

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counterpart in the first attack of man but it accords with

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to the parotid through the small petrosal branch which goes to the otic

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use of bovine tuberculin in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. His

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execution I am prepared to accept the responsibility it

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Summary. The use of vaccine therapy in bacterial infections of the

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to diagnose the disease. Let us therefore enquire what are the

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lithographic office or by visiting any of the exhibitions

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We have delayed laying this case before the Society in

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once 103 when fever came on more gradually than usual.

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