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less prolonged but is unaccompanied hy hemiplegia there may

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stitution and had always enjoyed good health until March 1862.

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dependent on the existence of brain lesions such as bony

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prevent the patient from being able of his own accord to desig

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ending with abrupt fall and concurrent disappearance of

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introspection is very important in connection with hysteria and

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increased in violence after three or four days. The movements

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ancestors of the latter according to some but for what reason

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before two hours had elapsed he was incapable of articulating a

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regard as the fourth in the normal series. It articulates

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phenomena. Heart apex beat in normal position but the

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mer in a water bath for 6 hours strain and proceed to

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side is slightly wider than the eighth on the right as if it

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KNEE JOINT EXCISION of for disease compound fracture of

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fl tumour of the epigastrium had been recognised. She complained of very

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meet with is so peculiar that it is oftentimes sufficient by itself

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the issue of this Journal of January 1907 will show that they have

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the diplococci which are ingested by leucocytes tend to die and

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and movement. As to the criterion of massage it should never pain but

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or lithiasis. The catarrhal inflammations of Mayo Robson which

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the medulla oblongata of an animal subjected to experiment

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there is no other delicate epithelium in the human body exposed

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method. Those secrets will yield only to those who approach

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tion of the respiration which after a few seconds goes on with

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the development of brain symptoms and yet from the second

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the scar of this accident was over the left parietal bone not far

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by the addition of hydrosulphuric acid nor when first

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less permanently after the attack. It may be partial also and

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provisions are formulated which fully meet our demands we can take

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advocated whilst Dr. Bouillaud obstinately refused to admit the authenticity

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theory more probable. Other theories found in recent papers cannot

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new connective tissue and yet the tumour cells grow and infil

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knocked down by a blow from a stick but by degrees notwith

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himself to be struck with apoplexy he then executed various com

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This could only be determined by direct observation on