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surrounding hepatic tissue so that the hepatic lobules become

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into the chest there was no meningitis or thrombosis of the jugular vein.

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Nine and a half months previously a tumour had developed in the left

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dependent on the retraction of the heel and the consequent pressure

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tended to hold the eye during operations without dragging upon or

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certain perivascular sheaths whicb surround them but which do not

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on the economy of animals independently of its action

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with the operative treatment of tuberculous meningitis.

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especially those which would assist in arriving at a diagnosis.

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the mucous membrane from the irritating action of the poison.

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especially those thatindure digestion for as long a period.

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was paralysed and careful inquiry discovered that this had come on

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tremely exhausted. At her next confinement the child proved very

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of diseases and in fact form tlie foundation of those ap

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found except perhaps in the brain. In the urine itself the substance

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ment the excitins or occasional causes it is not easy at EN. vni.

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times vomiting. In only one case was it necessary to repeat the dose.

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such dissolution does not take place and a hard cataract

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gastrium apparently connected with the stomach and giving rise to

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was not very clear. There was only pus in the right meatus.

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forms of tinea scabies molluscum contagiosum porrigo prurigo pedi

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ligatures remaining so long were probably the exciting cause of tbe

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contents. The tracheal and bronchial glands were enlarged

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In PUERPERAL CONVULSION the irritation is supposed s S.Convu

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elucidate under these diseases we have reason to expect a

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ject backwards. The psoas made tense by the same force draws the

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to be continued for some months. He believes that iodide of potassium

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tion be association partly perhaps resulting from the proximity

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bot which we afTuredly know to be nothing but Roman Vitriol

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which the patient could not tolerate he proceeds to say

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that by attending to the distinctions between the human f

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The kidneys were granular and suppurating and tlie bladder also con

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ence of ciliary movement but it will continue in a solution of oxidized

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Dr. C. Hecker relates two cases of laceration of the uterus during

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poisons is almost unknown and the chemical constitution of those

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in its extent and violence and I may add in its duration descrfp.

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he had much rather die. Infenfible therefore is the operation

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ciprocal influence on each other which is sometimes seas

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out through it Where the nerve roots are supposed to be affected the

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who are not vaccinated or whether the varying intensity of the con

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taken away my senses. The pain is very acute but I do

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ed as peculiarly busy and talkative and unwittingly di

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entail a fistula. The various methods of perineal lithotomy are then

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ulcer without other changes. The other four had secondary

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affection and I have only been able to find twelve cases re

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eyeball will become reduced if the liquid contained in it be suftered to

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shown themselves previous to the ligation. These surfaces granulated

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whatever he directly yields the point of compression as

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muscle which is inserted into all their angles. While

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frontal bone extending backwards tlirough the ethmoid and sphenoidal cells

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such structural tendencies are inherited by the child from the parent

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muscle was in the tetanic state. In putrefaction a different pi oduction

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centre which has been injured is in the cerebellum or spinal cord but