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Cataracf The usual modes of operating for the cure of a cataract

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be regarded as altogether an effect of a general want of former.

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Dr. A. Flint of America discusses the various remedies for this

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The nitrogenous constituents of bread consist chiefly of veget

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the cyst wall are frequently seen atrophied remains of renal

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recovery which seemed possible from drainage of the ventricles.

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Medical In tlie treatment of palsy it is necessary to distinguish

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its branches. In this way the portal inflammation is explained when it

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Morbid acuteness of taste however varies essentially Gl ly.

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while a concussion or compression of the brain produces

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AVith this precaution they will excite little or no irritation unless there

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from myxoedema. The mammary growth was a scirrhous carcinoma.

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case the tumour was of great size involving the submaxillary gland

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incision made by Mr. Haynes Walton into the corpus cavernosum of

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you. Your steadfast love kindness and support were definitely key to

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his urine was never albuminous. After death the heart weighed 28 oz.

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stances under very different modifications or is connected

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anatomy and Professor Balfour s course of botany. During

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aneurism. Around the rupture one finds the remnants of the membrana

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being the natural form of the fine fringe of the iris by

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this remark in the following very instructive ease A

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of a gentleman tet. 40 the subject of constitutional syphilis who was

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that reduces the frequency. The nitrate must be dissolved only in

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strictive spasm in some parts while we have a clonic

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most commonly in the hands or arms are the first symp

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July 1867 a most valuable paper on dilatation of the bronchi. He

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cit. gives a report of the Stockholm Children s Hospital for 1865.

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their present position. They are here however asso r X

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forearm. When seen it was gaping to the extent of two fingers

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have gotten any luckier. I love you and congratulations on your

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open so as to increase the dryness of mouth and tongue. Coughs

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one time appealed to as demottstrative. It is the case

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mesocolon. The ceecum was highly congested the ascending colon

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edge below the right costal margin. It may be possible to get

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use of tonics and especially the sulphate of quinine.

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at a point where they all come together before opening into

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written upon the question and the debates of the International Con

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Already the west end milliners are reaping the benefit of this Act.

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the more remarkable inasmuch as the spleen forms part of the same

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be witty without being wise. But the faculty of wit is

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less than half an hour his memory was perfectly reco

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If the tumour be close beneath the chest walls or the lung

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some boating. One year he and his wife rowed down the

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ftrangulation retaines a certain mmniall virtue To I call it

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If now we add these results together we find that 43 obser

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cerebral symptoms are commonly the result of simple reflex irritation.

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by simple rest in the horizontal position and careful cleanliness even

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I have come across only one or two cases of fibrous disease

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of the stomach was necrotic swollen and white in appearance much of it

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able to this source and the following remarks of Mr. butap

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the pelvis rather than fai ther back where the tubules are more

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republic and whose cases I particularly examined I ob

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into three species a nervous muscular and nerveo f

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part of tlie general chain of morbid action. My observ Telanu l

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some cases of paralysis from serous compression of the

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peritoneal fluid swarming with this micro organism.

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Table Prepared from Kaiserlikg s Paper in Virchow s Aechit

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sponding portion of the capsule then he pursues the incision on the

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he can difcover nothing of fuperftition and nothing of un

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facility declare this enumeration delivered to be invalid in

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a piece of macerated grass half an inch long was extracted.

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in 13 united with Staphylococcus aureus. In no case did they

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principally suffered was caused by the head of the humerus pressing