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tested by means of two candles was considerably but irregularly con

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successfully by leeching calomel and at a later period by quinine.

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sacrifice. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of determination and

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instances that the patient would bear almost any quan s

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artery from acupressure and it instantly bled as energetically as if it

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has been shed are surrounded by a wall of dense fibrous tissue

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knowledge of it. and unlefle it fent this produced reality forth from it

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hours. In each of the above cases all trace of the aneurismal tumour

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infiltrated there were no growths in the substance of the liver spleen and

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Catochus should refer the catochus of most of the nosologists

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Treatment If we have strong reason to apprehend a sanguineous ef

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case about g in. could be remedied the production of crepitus when

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tion of structure that a wasting of the muscles al

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centre of the eyeball and which are traversed from base to apex

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Excision of one or more ribs. All these were for empyema or its

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but went about her work. Three days ago a yellow tinge of face

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canals more developed and the growing cartilage insulae surrounded by

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and at the end of three months after his return from Bath

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a lender reality or ideal entity which when the foul hath

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of twelve Infirmary with decided symptoms of the disease.

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general consequence. At last an act of notoriety put an Empathe

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duced into the bloed by absorption or a transfusion of

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is moist crackling in the supraspinous fossa the suspicion amounts to

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thack and Shaw Transactions of the Pathological Societij London vol.

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also of the nuclei show various degrees of fatty degeneration. In these

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Histologically the growth is a round celled sarcoma.

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elsewhere. The case which was before one of bronchial catarrh is now

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cough and symptoms of suffocation when it is attempted to administer

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condition for a time greatly improved his bronchitic attacks

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lus vEgineta represent him as speaking of apoplexy in

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affection contraction of them and where there is neither. Wherever

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no fibrinous deposit and only a small coagulum. It was ruptured at its

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fo much the more potent by how much the more fpiritual

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of an arm or a leg is in this manner frequently produced

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higher up. He had rigors on the following day the temperature was

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force of reason to a neglected or ill directed education

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dimness of sight palpitations general sleeplessness and

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instantly contracts no more the consequence of which is

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synonymous with the anxietas of the former which in the

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After the first twenty four hours but within the first forty

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from slight redness to ecchymosis erosion and efiusion of blood. These

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of urobilin or its chromogen. Hence we must suppose that in

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which the ordinary needles invigorated by the loadftone are

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Cantharides were at one time the favourite medicine under Camhari

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ble should be removed and if we have reason to suppose

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js the nie nation is maintained which enables the mind to have a

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rations were performed in Algiers where he says he had occasion to

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the disease. And hence the i atient s general habit and j

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or even originate in them from any of the causes thatex

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position of the eyelids that they covered the eye entirely although its

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great rapidity. They bore no strict relation to the occurrence

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to the obstruction to the air tubes unless the perforation be on

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hoarse although the vocal cords may be sound. Infiltration of the false

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warm bath ether volatile alkali and water and the vol

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of diet sleep exercise and above all cold bathingf must

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does not necessarily imply immunity of other parts or of the general

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cases have been described as carcinosis of the lung. The con

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pure air aure and that perfect and continued rest in whatever

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fit of an ague or in a nauseating deliquium of the sto

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hemiplegia and aphasia passed off. In a case of tuberculous

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dition for which it is undertaken almost certainly fatal without

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was cloudy dark coloured and in many places filtrated resembling the

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charged ten days after admission. I have only lately heard

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dition of the patient will indicate with great accuracy whether the stone

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between the brain and many remote organs of the body

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gresses afterwards more and more slowly till complete tetanus or

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jemic sometimes amyloid. In most of the organs after death sugar ia

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giving the greenish colour to parts and especially mus

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be more clearly demonftrated I have thought good to

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the former series only 9 lived while 19 died. It will thus be

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organs and the painful impression imparted to the end

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Henoch observed spasmus nutans in two cases. The children were

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ver witnessed an example of it are too much disposed J

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by a bulbous root supplied by numerous blood vessels.

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region and two of double pes cavus both probably of spinal

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actio n and Spasmodic action and if the dose be increased vio

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verse section both influences being strongest in the proximity of the point

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tional elevation of temperature. There was always a local swelling pro

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and the lens without wounding the former or dragging the latter that

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seems for some such organ from the crustaceous or horny

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doth acquire a polarity and for ever after conform it felf

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patients afiected with leprosy in the hospital at Bergen.

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awake as from a night s rest by a more perfect termi

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direction from that of the other or in other words to

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dominates in those cases which partake of both. Empassion

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our imbecillity otherwife then this that it prefented a ma

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and ac source of iucitation. Thus while anger stimulates the

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are mumiatl for thefe are not fubject to the reftraint of our