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animals dying during secondary fever the liver was con
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calcified and inelastic and the thorax was fixed in the position of
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may be written on or painted with an ethereal solution
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the tegmen tympani was sloughy and there was an extra dural collec
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Tincture of Sesquichloride of Iron L. Sesquioxide of
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lage the third intercostal space is one inch and a half in
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James F. aged 45 a miner was admitted 12th S o ember
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with the vertebral border. Buds and tuberosities are more common
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of degenerated tubular epithelium. In the case of a six months
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the middle line with the right half of the spinous process of
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pulsu plerumque forti et respiration e difficili magna stertente
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in tlie light of recent bacteriological research especially when taken in con
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Neither was it his lielief. No survey of Lister s life would be
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I do not attempt to find a reason for this difference I merely
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Used to mix with water colours to remove the grease
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utters a loud scream and falls usually on his face. This is already
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colour. The right chamber of the organ and the pulmonary
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mena by a. contraction of the pupil on the same side as the
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portion of the rim of the acetabulum is broken off and
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correctness of Simon s deductions that one kidney can be
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the head. The ipecacuanha brought on vomiting which had
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In general the question of guilty or not guilty is not raised
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must remember that this syrup is not officinal and you must
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influence operations can now be undertaken successfully
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tutes trembling expends the nerve force as rigidity did in the
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water. Used in gout by sprinkling 2 oz. on the surface
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TEEPHINING on for traumatic epilepsy with an illustrative
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changes which led to the absence of the arch and processes
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cloves of each 20 drops oil of rosemary 12 drops oil
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were great peritoneal distension and foul discharge with diphtheritic
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obliged to keep in bed. The muscles of his trunk become affected
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Dealing with Group A I would make the following deduc
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in my opinion that Aphasia may be caused as Dr. Marc Dax had
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in each. This ensures their being neatly and correctly
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correspond being equally positive or both negative in 258 cases.
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obvious no factor more constant than irritation and the