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applied to the posterior part of the naked brain of an
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be compelled to sit bolt upright in a high narrow chair
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correctly described it. But it should be known to the poJer of
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Firstly The history and symptoms. A history of repeated
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tricity and galvanism in every form rubefacients blis J j
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From the state of the skin I have been left equally in thecatfon.
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disappear. A complete exposition of this last reaction is given by
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similar existence in all the prehensil tailed mammals.
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ascites. This chiefly depends on deposit of tubercular matter on the
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such differences of speed and of perceiving such differences of refrangi
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patient is not looked after and continues to walk the inflammation
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Of all the things I ve lost I miss my mind the most.
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retina were all traversed the three wounds were in a straight line.
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through interruptions of the placental circulation not indirectly
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limb awaking from stupr r common to the extremities in
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duodenum there was found a perforating ulcer which opened just
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of the success with w hich it is often attended in the bite
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affected and also divided then the middle branch run
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accommodation but to a reflex irritation of the vaso motor nerves of the
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so unfortunate had determined the author to practise flap extraction
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common in general paralytics. When brought to the asylum twelve
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with opium and mithridate or other cordials and in the
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after. He was depressed pale cold and shivering. I inquired if the
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cases a sufficient cause of irritation and hence we often
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by operation. There was a history of a blood stained discharge of six
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generation to generation and if argument from analogy be admitted
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vision of ral apoplcxy. In this conclusion however there seems
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at the Greneral Hospital as house physician of which both the history
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taste. drinking up only the finer parts of the mucus and leaving
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every other subject his mind was sound. We have already Explained
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displaced downwards to a case mentioned cursorily by Petit Mala
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absolutely diagnostic since they are frequently present in other modes
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the chest cough is common but expectoration accidental.
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case. The infant when born looked healthy but its extremities were
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Dr. lioustan Eecherches sur I inoculabilite de la Phthisic Paris
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belief implied in the former is connected with impressions made on one
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operations for strangulation at other hospitals. The hernia was as large as an
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tions are made in the reflexions of light by the difference
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lent and exhaustive work. Broca epileptic fits stopped by compression of radial and
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commiflion beyond the trunck of the individual protoplaft.
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of decidua came away and there was felt a small circumscribed swelling
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he died of a complaint totally unconnected with the
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some new growth in the pleura. Both lungs were studded with nodules
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set. 41 years shows a broad ligament cyst. At the operation this cyst
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mination revealed a patch of tertiary syphilide upon his chest
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Under these circumstances Mr. McCraith recommended cystotomy
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of hiof is derived from ffv T ifa contorqueo convolvo in
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sequestrum of lung tissue which almost fills the cavity. The latter is
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pigment with unusually rapid passage of the intestinal contents
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secretion covering them. Besides the original eruption the neck and
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cessation of a cholera epidemic proceeds from two causes the resistance
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nnder this explanation is a clonic action of the nervous action
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of these fatal forms of pulse curve have been frequently observed by
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necrosis of the femur two months after scarlet fever underwent three operations
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For microscopic specimen of the lung see Histological Records xi. 1744a.
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seventeen cases the hernia was reduced by taxis in seven herniotomy was
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branches of the radial nerve Mr. Savory was not a little astonished to
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several such cases. One recorded by Dr. Pye Smith in the
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fresh abscess anywhere else. The patient had a flabby and somewhat dilated
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taking place secondarily and as a result of the general
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table temperaments this is often the case for there is a Dysphoria
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of the production of such an effect in a great variety of
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by some local irritation as inflammation or dust in the
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comatose and died on the twelfth day after the operation with symptoms of
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refused further treatment. He was re admitted later. See below sub
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wards and the above described workroom and played no
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part whatever of a continuous chain of functions or oiJ J
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Park in which the left breast had been removed for cancer two years
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necting li creased and the distortion permanently established. The
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pleura. Yet there are a few instances in which the pleura has
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alkaline and acid solutions. No point of difference could be
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or and the second or the lateral curvature by the term what.
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strong vinegar and especially aromatic vinegar be rubbed
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which its use is permitted to supersede the necessary and rational anti
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mostly well developed face presentations were more observed in twin
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confusion of mind. In cases where there is suspicion of the epileptoid
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auticipated in all essential details the principles of Murphy s
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that needle which is made upon the forefaid line by chance y
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point upon the Pole. Therefore if the Loadfione were at
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ultimate particles of the brain seems sufficiently con
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being carried off by a morbid and augmented action of
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power of our Afagnetical V r.guert could have hardly been
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ment of the phosphate without expressing an opinion he speaks well of
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conclusion mind is alike dead to every thing but the train of ideas
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management of his family estate as well as to the dis
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tawny in confidence like a gelly and fo trembling if touch
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the temperature does not vary to any great extent with that of the
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most used. Tor little children small doses of bicarbonate of soda to be
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from coagulating but on one fide at lead they might not
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fur. Pulse 90 regular full but markedly dicrotous. The
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exa t erated and that in these cases tbe amount was not sensibly
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removal of a staphyloma not by sutures through the sclerotic as in
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be confounded with strabismus or squinting as it some gujshed
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excitement to those which already exist while there is a
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generated and emitted a virtue from it felf and impreft that
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AVhat has happened here Is the popular motion true that the cold
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severe privations mortifications and tortures or to the
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Exempli and there has been no pulse whatever. Morgagni re
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regulate and countermand the influence of the Stars to the
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tinaruishes it cum integritate sensuum. Dr. Cullen Whether
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illustration and fhine bright in the eye of our underftanding.
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months since however being nearly four years from the
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tivity instead of the ear or eye or the motory powers a
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partaients forming the seat of intellect or thinking the seat of
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of real life reduce it to a moderated and even tcnour it
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Bleeding from blood or serum almost constant whatever be the
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increases with the grade of school but less rapidly and not more
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an affection and particular state of the energy of the brain
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management of them thus giving the commissioners re
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a pair of forceps without giving the patient much pain. It was quite
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confirmed by subsequent cases of others herein mentioned the ever safe
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when I thought I had complete possession of her mind I
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guifhed nor obliterated by original fin but onely obfeured
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air. There are numerous bacilli present which stain by Gram Weigert s method.
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employed in making the flour independently of as well as
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material. The lungs were soft and friable chiefly a dark green shreddy
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and who died from other diseases. In both cases all the
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alveoli is not confined to cases of acute broncho pneumonia
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membranes or from protrusion of the iris. In all these
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the plant do ever operate univocally that is either constant
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brain so as to take in by the range of its excitement
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the middle and ring fingers. In his astonishment he turned again to
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sensibility by suppressed irritations of much smaller
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Mr. M. Langdon Brown read a paper on The Extinction of
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breads was determined by the Wiender method viz. by suc
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of warmth and inflation of the lungs. The body should ing or
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variety of melancholy where the peculiarity of the con
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or other tarsal bones. Here we have 1 1 operations performed for caries
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verbial power of besotting the understanding. It is also Local or
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other symptoms of nervous derangement. At the same time there
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Wound and at length by the mumial balfamical and at
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bronchi and pulmonary vesicles appears to be favoured as shown by
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hyoides and below it dipped beneath the muscles in front of the
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his pursuit or his residence. And hence while Albert lll
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bro spinal fluid from the ventricles caused some temporary