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are ascribed to the same cause. Within a short time however
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in early life was constitutional but there was no doubt also that
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By the sign is meant the apparent absence of the parasite in
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into the palm of the hand underneath the fingers which were
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and closely pressed against the trunk. As his centre of gravity
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the danger in wounds of the internal jugular vein either
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pair of forceps on each side of it and by a gentle squeeze
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such as those found in Lelong s case. In his case indeed the
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express and strain. Bitter tonic and stomachic. Dose
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till it ceases to produce a precipitate wash the wool in
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spasms. These are examples again of the transformation of
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edition. The illustrations are excellent and largely original. In short
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Europe but while his German confreres pressed forwards to
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This is especially the case with the face and these accidents
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Mr. Wilkie showed two cases of syphilis treated with salvarsan. The first
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and kept there by a piece of sticking plaster under which
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and the most prominent I admit namely the defect of co ordina
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obliterated or tubercle has invaded the bowel coat passing from