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By retention is meant the accumulation of the products of

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mtheLoadftone diradiating and in one continued thread of

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Asphyxia which it is of importance to become acquainted

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gastric catarrh ending in fatty transformation of the muscular tissue of

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further increased upon men whose calling compels them to carry heavy

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collects and concentrates the irritable power in another

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tion. the name of COMPLICATED PALPITATION. This is clearly

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motific fluids since it happens that some of these dis

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but after the disease has been a companion for years it

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SiS ui vein varicose and in one case at least to burst

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consuntia.ly interfering with the integrity of the understanding

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fatal between the years 41 to 50 8 between 51 to 60. This

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between the knee and the under side of a table. The right

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itself. It is hence often poured forth on most improper

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class of medicines that has hitherto been employed can depended

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tion of the femoral artery communicated an impulse to the pin by.

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simi.. Yet even without this conflict of feeling where the

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There is no security on this earth there is only opportunity.

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after the bladder was emptied by catheter. On passing hand into vagina

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some may consider it justifiable to at once have recourse to amputation

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that the instances of cancer similar in the offspring to that in the

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confirms the opinion of that body that the disease is not endemic in

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they cannot die they will not live they complain weep

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recommendations of the conference most admirably under a mixed

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sound but no murmur. The liver was large and the abdomen tumid

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effect it is not only a disease of exhaustion and debility

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first given to the public by Mr. Dugald Stuart of James

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lightness its cheapness its readiness of application and the freedom

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tions is produced in the affection we call vertigo which ug acio

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The action of nicotine is less simple and less easily determined but it

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region about the tenth eleventh and twelfth vertebrae.

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the treatment of cardiac aifections attended with dropsy. The rapidity

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agreeable reading have been tried as concomitants and

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tubes the voice and breath sounds are deficient and the signs

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Jollv insists upon a diagnostic sign noticed by IM Clintock. This is

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not suffer the individual to be raised from under the

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it then came down to the g6 gS level and remained there.

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media and the child eventually left the hospital seventy six days after the

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ftrudureof pride upon. The ad therefore of the previous

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Dr. Fayrer did not see his patient again but ascertained more than

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horrid a tyranny and ftand obnoxious to the fate of his ar

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hardness of tissue and the greater or less vascular development. In

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insertion of the smallest possible quantity of diseased tissue. It was

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duration something at any rate considerably under a year.

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who on inhaling the fine particles of black hellebore and

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ployed acupressure its use has been most satisfactory.

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superiority of total over partial excision. He adduces however an

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power of writing and he perceived that he spoke other

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scope has a like corrective tendency and may be employ

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mare and observed that its proximate cause is to be

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the sa the sacrum at this period of life is often attended with

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for upwards of twenty five years. The throb on examina

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believes frequently form in conditions of blood poisoning.

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pamphlet entitled Contributions to the History of the Hip joint

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the greater glory to God and peace and benevolence to men

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class of medicines that has hitherto been employed can depended

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voyage has been successful. In all which the error may

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and gave rise to symptoms of phthisis the patient recovered.

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anddevoureth the tintture of it and thus we difcerne that

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of the bull dog forceps of various lengths in order to correspond

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made clumsily thick the tubes are apt to soften a little too

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with females a hich frequently reduced him to a state of

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died with haemorrhagic diphtheria. The tonsils and pharynx are covered

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ceftory at leaft this remedy.would then have failed and be 73.

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Avhich forms a kind of system in itself an epicycle within

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quiet and particularly in the stomach and prtecordia it Hyoscya

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often enables the correct diagnosis to be made. The examina

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that the chasm has been filled up and a line of support

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The sneezing at length ceased and within a quarter of

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however fragments of the worm. Given in conjunction with sulphate

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respiration never below 30. The post mortem showed a large cerebellar abscess

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To physical examination of the abdomen mus t be attached

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what need is there for us by the tedious force of words to

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by electrolysis amounts to 58 amongst which there were 47 non

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behold to adopt M. Magendie s remarks upon this very

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insurrection and infected troops were repeatedly imported into the

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left it doubtful whether the pus cells migrate directly from the lym

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vaccination marks appeared to be quite healthy. The tempera

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persisted the former was at times so bad that eventually tracheotomy was

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days the average duration of treatment from the first inoculation till

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A traveller aged 60 was admitted with an epitheliomatous ulcer of four

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soft pultaceous material resembling tubercular pus. This pultaceous material

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microbes it may be mentioned that the following points were

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jected on the back of the carpus slightly stretching the integuments.

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with extreme care owing to the painfully perceptible pulsation of the

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These tumours are cystic epithelioma and adenoma the

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patient made a rapid and excellent recovery leaving the hospital twenty six

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Hospital. In walking he was always led on account of

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instances be an effect as it is certainly a cause in others.

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the intermediate or ganglionic system described in the

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propose now to discuss the questiou whether in the light of

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