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as shown by the manifestation of the physiological effects proper

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our methods of treatment and in the application of detail in prescribing

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or a companion to larger neurological text books will be of immense

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dropping it into the mud. She walked upstairs to her room

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face were involved the jaws were convulsively clenched and

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Hospital where the children are fed exclusively on cow s milk an

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hermaphrodite. The Stiermartin which he tirst described he considers as a

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more careful diagnosis more use was made of the microscope in

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along with the characteristic potent organs ovary uterus vagina

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least movement of the head either when the patient herself

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mixed infusions to one fourth and when the dregs have

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produces the harmony of movements. When this is at fault

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Sadness setting in unaccountably is a premonitory sign of great

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will only influence the disease which brought on the necrosis.

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When the patient left the hospital on December the 18th

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of all kinds are distinctly more common. At the Edinburgh City

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member that on examining the cardiac region as I generally

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masse. Davaine is the only other author who has called attention to this

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tion assez nettement la region de Pecorce cerebrale

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day. The pulse and temperature which in the morning were

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impressions had greatly improved but he still had difficulty in

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system has taught me that there is no detail in the

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of extra peritoneal hsematocele. A few days afterwards

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length of incubation period can be said to result from

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up in the broad ligament as septic cellulitic masses frequently began there.

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as the paralysis is general or partial complete or incomplete.

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earlier experiment and I conclude that the present attempt

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lateral plate to the notochord and a little later it becomes

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be exceedingly rare. We do not remember having seen

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very short and is as follows He was seized in the midst of

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described was first suggested by Velpeau and unsuccess

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Under unfavourable conditions of life an activation of the disease

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similar accidents to these little animals were not unusual.

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researches but instead of nux vomica he recommended the

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The curves on Fig. 6 are constructed from 26 cases in

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essentially different from the first becomes the seat of disease.

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Mr. A. Don showed two cases of ununited fracture in the forearm which

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they evince a gentle benevolent and affectionate disposition and

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are however cases recorded which seem to show that cure may be