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one of tlie upper or lower limbs we at the same time discovered

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flexed over the thumb in consequence of the flexion of the

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then removed by gently rubbing the surface. Bear this simple

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in which the poor child tears and rubs off his skin by continual

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treatment for a long time on several occasions she vainly tried

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it appears to have a specific influence. Dose i to 3

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but it may be conjectured that the corneous layer is

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us and if I have ventured to apply it to the discussion of

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articulation being then impossible there results a kind of stam

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Bernard Ward on February 3 1861. She told us and her

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it might be supposed that blood at or near the fall

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process were deficient but on closer examination it is evi

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in the development of tuberculous ulceration of the intestine.

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With large doses of the iodide of potassium and with the rest

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Composed largely of extracts from the works of many writers on

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It is interesting to note that the authors apparently believe in

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muscles are agitated by quivering of their fibrillae which can be

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adulteration. As a medicine the dose is 8 to 20 grains

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or go down stairs. This amelioration lasted several months and

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indeffniteness of the term ulcerative colitis used by British and

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interval the neural central suture existing on each side of

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paths ever gently ascending in a south and west direction. Our

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knowledge in regard to bromide poisoning and symptomatieally

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The remaining chapters are devoted to affections of the eyeball as a

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lung Delherm gives three signs which in his opinion are of importance

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idiocy and tliat the pretended fright only served as a pretext to

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incompletely developed. Nervous phenomena frequent. Nature of the

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either of those substances. A two fold action is combined in

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rough ragged cuts. This tincture does not readily unite

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serous fluid. Its opposed surfaces are adherent by recent