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wall shows on the inside a laminated fibrinous thrombus. The wall

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tunately bear out what has been found elsewhere namely that

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pretend avoir they have found the generative organs proper

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slight sense of fatigue and weight in the hypogastric region.

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that his heart was seriously affected and that Dr. Bouillaud s

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thalmoscopic examination of the eye in a case of exophthalmic

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years old. Three years and a half ago he first noticed that

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fourth rib. It likewise presents two facets on its internal

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surface of the eyeball without producing winking. Hearing loses

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to tear more easily than the other. Independently of the

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too of Leeds kindly informs me that the child operated on

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principal nerves and radiate sometimes to the trunk. This

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actual paralysis though difficulty in walking was ex

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Jellt Gelatine. Steep one oz. of gelatine in half a pint

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injected into the thigh. Temperature at the time as high

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the very least between albuminuria and puerperal convulsions.

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my visits to the clinic of Mr. Eobert Jones of Liverpool and

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salt loses its colour at a gentle heat and from 100 grs.

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the whole of the two posterior convolutions of the insula of

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brain and probably in the same part which is deeply damaged

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while. Besides Heyd of Tubingen who artificially produced

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morphologist and investigates the arch of the aorta and the

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the tuberculization of the brain and the chorea. I do not of

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improved in 5 the result was inconclusive and in 23 there was no

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This woman had ten children who all had convulsions six had

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depressed lower lid the less expanded nostril on the right side

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is generally fatal is a relatively uncommon event while latent tuber

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tising bacteria is compared with that of a healthy individual. As

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From the study of these facts and the patient s con

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Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy at St. Bartholomew s

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