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posing inverted surfaces is imperfectly performed. Then

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could still walk although with increased difficulty.

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cence in the middle line of the mesoblastic elements which

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nerves arose and were distviljuted. He laid hold of a basal fact

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with the motor incoordination which together with the loss of

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turned out the line of strain in walking is also inclined towards

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the complete destruction of a portion of the posterior columns

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test every one of his muscles responding quickly and normally to a galvanic

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expressive pantomime enabled him to make himself understood in

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muscular planes which stretch between these parts. The

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occurred at a very early period of development is the defi

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shall wish to leave to your fair judgment the ultimate decision

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spells defeat realise neither the motives which actuate the profession

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the amount of tuberculous infection was small this would reduce

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pouring water at various temperatures upon the patient s body

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power I have never seen evidence of this advertised bactericidal

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runts with which he accompanies this pantomime. You must

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cylinders of nerve fibres from their sheaths by this we see that

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memoir was published in the Journal de Medecine by Messrs.

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thickened and vascular lined on its inner aspect by a thick pseudo

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which mental shock and physical concussion are known to play

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Crystalline free from colour almost entirely decomposed

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derived therefrom is directly stored up by tissue anabolism in the

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paralytic patients. The idea first occurred to this savant

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thereby that she did not understand what she read. After she

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air baths may prove useful. When these measures fail to bring

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them even in a certain measure by substituting writing foi

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The patient in his delirium tosses about wildly moving in

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vulsions at first partial then general paralysis. Cerebral fever is nearly always

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not and perhaps there is then more testicular tissue than usual.

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of by standers. Lastly there are cases in which the epileptic

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writing as well as of speaking. In general an aphasic individual is

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each or all may play its part. That cell proliferation is encouraged

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forwards the body actually swings slightly from side to side as

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cases. He is seen to make feeble efforts in his attempts to cough

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manner that he would not get well. I was in consequence re

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termination is in general as sudden as its invasion. In a few