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for there is in this complaint a total absence of all visceral

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organ as the aura ejpilejptica it does not spread with the same

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into the side walls of the body beyond the point of the

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perfectly incapable of performing it. This weakness which is

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liferation of the bacteria and thus lead to an increase instead of a

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tions can be formed superior to those of a man of sound mind.

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Henry Lonsdale the biographer and historian then in his 25th

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medy and I shall tell you also that although they be of real

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and which vary indefinitely. Tic douloureux on the contrary and

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being carefully written and up to date. The only defects observed are

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Xoguchi is attempting to produce a more active preparation of

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Bell s paralysis. There then occurs a process analogous to

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tinuing lie was advised to come to the Infirmary. In this boy s

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Description of the muscles. The pectoralis major on the

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That the upper part of the epiphysis of the posterior

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during deep inspiration it rises imperfectly only when tickled it rises better

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words. He knew how to read and write and yet when I gave

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Senior Surgeon Dundee Royal Infirmary Lecturer on Clinical Surgery and

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hip. There Avas great backward as well as upward displacement and

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of swing so arranged that when it oscillated he went very

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stools may prove helpful to medical men at home and possibly

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ment were still more grave than the great seizures. Several of

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lecture but tliat is the last theme Sir John Struthers would have

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think that all these functional disorders are due to weakness of

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free martin. He also applies skilfully the physiology of his

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membranous expansion with cords and knots here and there

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millimetre about half a line. The stem has a bell spring

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Attempts were made to infect other parts of the skin from the lesions

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It was specially indicated when the tendency to contraction or flat

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deficiency of the absent lamina. The ninth rib is also absent

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the biology of the meningococcus had revealed that not only does