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rumours and secured the applause of his hearers l y saying that an

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have been caused by a foreign body introduced into a carious

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expansion of the lungs. The knee jerks were present the plantar

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sherry wine 2 pints. Macerate for 7 days and strain.

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looking to the sac another continuously attached to the

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same time. As soap is more active when mixed with water I then

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or masses of infiltrated omentum. In such cases or when the

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of the ureters in the upper part of their course but

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Shortly after leaving the hospital the catamenia which

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of combating tuberculosis and to that end that it be given a sufficient

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Acute nephritis in children or young people as a rule has no serious

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unfortunately also fostered by some doctors. Only about 10 per cent suffered

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superstitions as to disease which are just now literally nxnipant among

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regard as the fourth in the normal series. It articulates

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separated by an interval of about one centimetre from one

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the delirium as a true toxic one with hallucinations restlessness

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of the present techniques of standardisation vaccines could give an absolute

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and externally used in the form of ointment or lotion.

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Assistant in the Medical Jurisprudence Department Edinburgh LTniversity.

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in obtaining fair mean figures for localities where many cases

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the simpler methods may be employed with satisfactory results.

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may complete the movements he has begun and even perform

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one and which may give very important indications of

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in this respect between sciatic neuralgia and neuralgia of the

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the over use of certain muscles and comes on when these

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Professor Lordat and in 1861 Mr. Broca changed this name for that of

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extremely diminished in quantity and is thick and viscid when the chorda

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yet som hundreds of such terms may be found in very old

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on the posterior aspect of the uterus and the antero posterior obliquity

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a fcAv hours of haemorrhage into the peritoneal cavity.

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ankle jerks. As he improved through the rest and treatment in

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general rule that the doses which in a state of health give rise

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by pressure in the costo vertebral angle the anaemia is less marked

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ascertain she lost her speech and only retained the faculty of

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certain cases unfortunately in which the convulsive agitation is

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in pregnancies complicated by malaria there appears to be a special

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of one hundred cases of successful Lawson Tait. IGl