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and inspired a band of young anatomists. The most distinguished

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The anterior spinal roots were atrophied especially on the left

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Urinary examination. Leucin and tyrosin in very large

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When all b ready a wet cloth is passed over the whole

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of 1904 9. First apparently. Northern Germany and Eastern

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the nerve have not l een brought into contact with the arsenic owing

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various parts of its anterior surface. Besides this

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A factor which above all has conspired in its disfavour has

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Kumpf showed that if in the frog the spinal cord was divided

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time than they are at present. Professor Alexis Thomson s remarks on the

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Every physician who has studied epileptic vertigo practically

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interrupted from time to time by phases of agitation of short

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injurious instead of useful An individual receives a blow or

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The patient stated that the disease had set in with weakness

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crutches. The incoordination of his movements is still more marked than

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epilepsy may be merely a transformation and into which it may

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the original disease and of the 38 who left hospital 18 were examined

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Dieu with three patients in each bed I certainly never