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of Medicine in March 1858 and published in the Archives of

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general and spread from the extremities to the muscles of the trunk and

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We summed up our opinion by saying The undersigned

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nourished and possesses no deformities. His expression

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ever interesting it maybe for aphysician to acquire precise notions

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time. He is still able with only one remedy namely Faradiza

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this fatal termination of diabetes mellitus to acid intoxication that

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nia add lead acetate till no further precipitate is produced.

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enema to be given an ounce of decoction of senna leaves

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a very high roof no longer recognized his mother or his friends

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James B. aged 45 a pit sinker was admitted IGth June 1896

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men and exploited by self constituted leaders inspired by enmity to

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but I cannot recollect. When told that it was a nightcap ho

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examined under the microscope with a power of 250 diameters

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loss of the power of motion and the thorough resolution of the

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power has not diminished he is often troubled with erections.

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individuality. Beginning by an investigation of the nerve supply

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muscular man. His voluntary motor power was rather less in the

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may have had some determining effect on the condition.

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culosis. He has hoAvever added the conclusions of the British Royal

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the parasitic organisms hardly altered in aspect and but

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first looking at them. In five cases this inability was absolute