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Configuring Outlook Express

Follow these simple steps to Configure Outlook Express so you can download your emails

  1. Click on the Start Button > Programs > Outlook Express

    If a Wizard program comes up wanting you to configure Outlook Express, follow through with the wizard program and use the settings that are mentioned below.

    If you already have an email account setup in Outlook Express you will need to use the following instructions to get your new email account setup

  2. Click on Tools > Accounts > Mail
  3. Click on Add > Mail

Email Settings:

Incoming Server(POP3): mail.yodelmail.com.au - eg mail.yodelaustralia.com.au
Outgoing Server(SMTP): mail.your-isp.com.au - eg mail.bigpond.net.au
Username: as supplied by Yodel Australia
Password: as supplied by Yodel Australia