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At the last meeting of the German Urological Society an interesting
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to see a child seized with eclampsia be prudently reserved.
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given early. 20 to 40 grms. of sodium bicarbonate may be given
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whose case I related to you recapitulated mentally series of
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conscious of this pain those about him believe that his joints
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It leaves the paper quite light and transparent it may
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became much more intense her appetite failed she lost
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M. X is fifty seven years old he is possessed of great
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His accident occurred eighteen months ago. When playing in
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erythematous and irritable character and probal ly connected with
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part as a predisposing cause and this influence of the female
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generative apparatus internal and external is more or less
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Such accidents are to be most dreaded in scarlatina. Even
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was alone destroyed over a space of about 15 or 18 millimetres.