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ry be liable to derangement as the same w riter admits

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possible for us to develope the precise condition of the

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sometimes effectually cured by a spontaneous hemorrhage

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stockings were sufficiently distinguished by the name of

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ganglions detached or connected. And on this account

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liary. The cold bath has the authority of Dr. Lind in its

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hence the same forcible extension used in swimming which

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Another occurring in a young man set. 24 is recorded by Faussier but

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the patient says Dr. Darwin seemed to stretch and exert

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the dilated vagina half by the dilated uterus thinned to the appearance

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Thus Lyons has with a slight exception in 1854 always resisted the

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which it is imbedded the reason being that the momentum of the bullet

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drawn down by anterior synechia anterior chamber very shallow and a white

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Vomiting and dyspnoea are frequently met with associated

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the rest the dreaming ideas should as powerfully operate upon

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from haemoptysis but this is really rare and some from other

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membrane of the mouth and pharynx were of a pale grey

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Tibia A D Fibula. A man aged 48 admitted with a simple comminuted

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radial and temporal arteries. To the cardiac hypertrophy and

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health and the superintendence by proper sanitary authorities of the

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cysts take origin from bile ducts of new formation possibly

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quently complicate chronic catarrh of the intestines.

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Revery 3 ny cases of intense study and especially upon abstract

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tigated and Baglivi another in which a radical cure

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cava superior at the junction of the right and left innominate veins.

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materially benefited but the course of the other after operation

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duration and relapses ni e apt to occur Archiv d. Heillkunde 5

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a subsequent rise which has for its natural termination the secretion of

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Jection used a solution of zinc. In a week he persuaded Hypochon

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employed in making the flour independently of as well as

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veins. There was great dyspnoea. Paracentesis was performed and

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landskip upon this tablet The AJagnctically Natural cure of

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M.de Idiotism the THiKD VARIETY is oftcn the result as

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one clearly marked corporeal affection he is constantly

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is infested. And hence if by any means it be able to

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certain vegetable particles borne on the air and possibly the benzoic

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and urinous pus let out. The urethra and external wound were both sewn

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man fince the nature of Divinity is wholly incomprehen

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ing no hinderance to the action But in this Magnetifm is no

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xvith by a check instead of by a rapidity of action and

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different varieties of this kind of paralysis. The hypertrophied muscles

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rament of the atmosphere may at times be a cause it is

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alveoli accounts for much of the tendency to necrobiosis. Chronic catar

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if it continue sotjnd and hence it is more probable that

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intestinal obstruction owing to a kinking of a piece of adherent

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with severe and frequently repeated general epileptiform convulsions.

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ward on the 14th Jan. 1865. He stated that he had been suffering

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If this explanation be not admitted it must be concluded that a true

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ment of the intellect. And will this not be more genial and

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Shrines and temples at which the sick would worship

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being now quite exhausted or there being no longer any

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may suffer the disease if they continue the habits of their native

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mouth no appetite excited pulse but no elevation of temperature nor

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same reason Heister advises that on opening the jugular

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Mr. Hancock then proceeds to observe upon the difference between

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thus actually increase the bulk of the brain tissue within the

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on without any rise of temperature and that when as happens

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about midnight with intense pain in the abdomen accompanied with

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easily follows. The heart badly nourished falls into denutrition its

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The age limit of cases I have collected ranges from 19 to 68.

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cases treated with moderate doses of mercury the recoveries were about

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membranes. The substance also held numerous spindle and star shaped

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the ischiatic notch and on the pubes are secondary dependent either

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mine whether a part of the fibres issuing from the meduha oblongata

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tion he should recommend. The pain was now intolerably c ie of

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the fons et origo mali arise in the bone preponderate enormously. My

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upon the operations and powers of the fenfttive SohI fince

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drank heartily of water which caused the fatal tear. Other interesting

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appears to Durosiez from his own experience not to possess a true

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eye became painful and the cornea suppurated. Dr. Paul Schroeterf

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in the white. This means that during baking the contents of a

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on the other fide in the bottom the peculiar region of the

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Now this poittion that man is endowed with a power of

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principle but merely to have added a few new points of detail

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stage of a febrile paroxysm whether the will consents or rpgardedas

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truant by an employment of such objects and pursuits

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four minute bones deposited in the posterior chamber of.

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might be present as there was right hemiplegia and aphasia.

fixation of an undescended testicle in the scrotum

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fall was obliged to abandon among the other idols of his

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case of osteosarcoma already described or by some peculiarities

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cases of operations for cancer of the mamma are reported intended to

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stiucture. thctic nervous system alone surrounding the esophagus

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the aperture of entry being small. These facts will explain many of the

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ing the appetite was improved although the tongue was still coated

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and from its alkaloid curara or curarina are identical and result from

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years under Businelli s observation before the patient would submit to

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immediately before us we meet with every variety of pro aspect

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tracted by the Pole it mull receive that convultive influence

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served that the exciting causes of their maladies in a Gen. i

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expose the anterior portion of the tumour as far inwards as the tracheal

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what collapsed especially in the parts immediately round the

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general causes he has no doubt that indulgence in alcohol habitually to

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electrical stream which is praised for partial convulsions can have no

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and fibula. In subsequent operations I preserved the tendons entire. In

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founders pbanjieviere not fixed upon a dog muft the Vnguent

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which a reproduction of the olecranon could be plainly traced.

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its peritoneal sac ruptured by the patient himself in violent efforts at

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of the ribs f or of the ensiform cartilage. of the sternum

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to the involuntary organs. It will also be necessary to

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and most active plan of cure so often fails of success as topical

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found to produce the phenomenon of a douhle pulse. c. Paipf

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so pow erful as to be distinctly heard by by standers.

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Also following the plan introduced in 1895. Alphabetical

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chronic it may perhaps be cured by a permanent exer

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the previous day and played tennis. The initial head symptoms

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moUon sessing liflFerent powers and capable of producing very

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it receives is from an irritation of any kind thrown

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borborygmi he heard w ere from extricated and erratic

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to be co s 00 y f concerning which however we shall

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Cervicai ease or the disease to them. And hence Mr. Parkinson