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things have throughout male sexual feeling and desire

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Spirit of CantphoTf i. Camphor 5 oz. rectified spirit 2

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Her hands and feet were violently convulsed and her fingers

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marriages they would become of some value and on this account

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wards and the labial commissure being drawn with consider

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ogous to the impression produced in toothache by the sight of a

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museums but have failed to discover any like deformity

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bridge Secretary to the Royal Society amp c. Lensfield

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numerous ones which I have just quoted others published b

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passed away but they had lasted several months during which

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by dilute oxalic muriatic or tartaric acid and hot water

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it very difficult to remove the membranes without injuring them a little. More

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phragm did not move and breathing was completely arrested.

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ing 90 died after the first operation before the dura mater was opened.

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tated her fingers bending and then straightening themselves

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are involuntary they are often unperceived by the patient

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cells. A large collection of parts preserved in absolute

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tions it must be nevertheless admitted that they are never so

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restricted localization of the atrophy in some of the muscles of

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blood injected namely a few minims beneath the skin of

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The distortion of the thorax corresponds generally to the

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bone and aural apparatus but the second section which deals with the

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obtained were very much similar to those obtained when Pratt s

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nut of the common. Still he had shown no signs of premature

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fastened to the edges of the parietal wound and a glass

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girl s bowels from being loose had become costive and the

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adulteration. As a medicine the dose is 8 to 20 grains

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portion of tlie body of the fourth which remains on the loft

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The face wears a singularly imbecile look from the convulsions

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If this is to be regretted in an historical point of view

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practice is in advance of scientific knowledge. Whilst the applica

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Dr. Auburtin goes further and proves by clinical cases some

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paralysed muscles remained of a pale rosy hue when exposed to

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effects we can control to a certain extent by the cutaneous

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rolled 111 spirals round and between the tendon fibres These

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ISTo. 2 who had almost simultaneously articular and cerebral

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had been divided. This was found subsequently to con

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slight attack of convulsions. He was afflicted with disease of

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