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The fault is divergence of specialisation but let the surgeon

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Dr. Prudden Dr. Delafield no longer sharing in the preparation

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PvMotoriuj. As far as I can make out this constitutes the

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disease so far as these could be brought to light by knife and

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the statement. For if there be instances of chorea on record

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the nervous phenomena seem to affect the intellect alone and

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One day whilst the court was still sitting he got up muttering

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object failed the broken ends of two needles besides re

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cellular deposits in and extending from the Glisson s capsule

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ing side is paralysed. The paralysis is generally transitory like

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the arm was at very short intervals moved suddenly and with

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It seems probable then that these are masses of unaltered

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ordinary data found on palpation and auscultation and then goes on

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as distinct as those we find in cases of insanity between partial

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their entirety applicable under the different conditions of life prevail

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and unequal there was slight suggestion of a Babinski sign on

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I should like here to emphasise a point to which little or no

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the skin would have been seen to be irritated and much less

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lectures at the College of Surgeons on abdominal surgery.

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a difficult nor a dangerous operation that recovery is

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operations at a time long before the stethoscope was

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the corpus luteura which had probably been bruised during the handling

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but they are all Dutch. W. Vrolik of Amsterdam the author of

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have been ascribed as causes and one may admit that there is a

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moment lie had noticed nothing strange and had played with his

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division and multiplication of the liver cells indicating an attempt

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In December 1863 he applied to the National Hospital for the Epileptic and

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Present state June 4 1864. Intellect unaff ected spirits however very

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sensation was still retained for when pinched the patient with

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nervous disorder exist only in the kidney or liver. Until

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exists in neuralgia namely ancesthesia. It often follows on

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Enlargement of the Supraclavicular Glands and Tuhercidous

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had been pushed into the brain. Pieces of detached bone were

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cially in primiparse and in women who have a malformed pelvis

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changes which led to the absence of the arch and processes

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divided partly Avith Doyen s saw partly with Horsley s forceps.

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ments of Magendie in an inverse ratio to the amount of blood

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CANCER EXCISION of twice in a case of epithelioma of the

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attention directed to them and it was very important that they should see

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of pulmonary congestion showed themselves which gave us great

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