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in the patients not cured gave some instructive data. Sixteen patients

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tion of this sheath and lastly the breaking up of the muscular

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thus but the article sold under thb name is almost in


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undertaken in the hope of relieving her condition but with small

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from which the original growth was taken nevertheless in our

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On the experience gained in such laboratory experiments as Guthrie

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had is an attack of copper colic which for a short time compelled

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pain on pressure over or when strain is thrown on this ligament

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The growth began in June as a small nodule behind the lower part

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bile duct near the liver was about the thickness of the forefinger.

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a cure in the slight degrees of fistula were chiefly indicated as an

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course and intensity and in three fourths of cases is

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was made along the upper border of the rib and about

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left cord. This disappeared to a certain extent on sedative treatment

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complained of symptoms almost certainly due to the presence of gall

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This complaint is in general of no gravity although it some

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further consideration. This is that whilst on the one hand trauma

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Seldom used in this country. Dose 10 to 80 drops largely

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for the upper third of the cervical portion was thickened con

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It involved sparsely settled country districts and small cities and

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the previous day those which will be produced on the next.

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splints and bandages but there was still unfortunately shortening which had

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pints of oily matter which became solid in cooling. Dr.

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tional advantages for tuberculous children either in schools attached

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and suspected acute myelitis but a few days aftei wards he

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part in the production of chorea although a large proportion

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was quite healed she had gained greatly in flesh and

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to bleeding either local or general or both purgatives and

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tion and the second and third frontal convolutions which are

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Those marked thus f have paid the Composition Fee in lieu of further

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But let us try and analyze this curious phenomenon. When the

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flattened plum. These could be felt in the positions indicated

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I shall presently point out whether the neuralgia occurs as it

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kindly supplied me with the following note on this point

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fingers nor must the vapour be breathed. See Hydro