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and solid portions are darker in colour and sunk below the surface the
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the trephining was done over the occipital lobe some loss of
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had 7 cases in all labour set in prematurely all the children being
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toneal cavities are to be regarded as merely enlargements or dilatations of
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few days grouud of such suspiciou they cannot he had recourse to
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along scries of experiments upon the brains of dogs Carus a
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to induce idiotism from an early period of life as in the
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The following notes refer to the poisonous action of gases
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animal functions as manifestly as in the largest and most
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opposition to its ordinary course. Hysteria is strictly a
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a condition of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Both bases
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Dr. Eudolph Schirmer has written upon iritis and calls attention
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arranged as not to press on the opposite artery and the pressure was
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touched as they were too extensively diseased to admit of complete removal.
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Having thus entered the systemic circulation it is conveyed by the
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with the streptococcus once with the pneumococcus and once
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ganglion on the wrist of a lady aged 30 by the same method.
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w. is gentle and calm but somewhat unsociable. His ab
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relief factor
the dura mater he proceeds to some experiments as to the effect of
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Spinal of the spinal chord to which it gives rise and the latter
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are satisfactory so that for n evi which do not admit of excision
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Firft we f Vf whether the Saphire does attract by a firft
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it where the distortion is most evident and it may be of
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tune. into a warm bath. The process will be found described
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Dr. Credo submitted to the Obstetric Section of the Meeting of
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recovered eighteen months after the commencement of the attack couid
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longitudinal incision has been made in the lineseparating the inner
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rience may determine. AVhen a sufficient deposit has been obtained
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on a white screen certain dark striae or absorption bands make their
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never be difTolved in boyling water as Tartar commonly is.
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thebod dy its nervous influence from the right side of the brain.
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latter. alonc produces a feeling of pulsation. In phlegmonous
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netical atomes without any corporeal remains communica
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certain of procuring the true pulse curve. This modification fully
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found notable quantities of urea in the liver. In one experiment he
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give the following analysis of the symptoms There was pain in the
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its peculiar and that magically too. But in regard this
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ever are at length overtaken by and lost amidst the
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example the effects were quite as intense and peculiar as those which
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local palsy and especially when produced by cold orcarusPa
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higher than the primary apex. This abnormality probably depends on
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the Hathaway House Christmas party Being able to share my daily adven
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epileptoid condition followed the mania in which there was a
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to indicate a cardiac type of case with persistent low tempera
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exposure to damp vapour by lying from night to night
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is certainly not opposed to the possibility of such sound occurring in the
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strychnia but that the former alkaloid possesses only half the activity
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agent and its employment was a retrogression in science. Dr. Sansom
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other. The onset like that of apoplexy is at last sud Attack
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system and does not depend like that of some other agents on any
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feverishness and short breath which he had at first and thinks that he
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have gotten any luckier. I love you and congratulations on your
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which dilates the capillaries and attracts the blood to the periphery. If
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that the insane man has little feeling of cold or hunger he
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y6 per cent. and only 1 5 in females or 24 per cent.
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of not less than fourteen pounds.i A case occurred to.
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licentious phanfte or a plainly firperftitious and damnable
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tissues is eliminated by the urine and fasces there is a certain and
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As regards the essential nature of the causes which produce this
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chart my course. When problems arose that I didn t expect you stood
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day a greater lung capacity than in the last weeks of pregnancy. The
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Pneumothorax. He maintained that in phthisis there was a constant
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walk on the toes and fore part of his feet to employ
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dysmenorrhoea congestions dropsies and those disturbances of the
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first made its appearance it is soon observed that in order to maintain
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epilepsy examples of which last occur very numerously in
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had shown no signs of cleaning her abdomen was slightly dis
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tumour near the right ureter. The growth was removed by scraping. The
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oflleum or rectum and of another kind in a case of strangulation of
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difficulty. The pricking pain like that of pins or of a
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fit. The authorities however in their favour are nume
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small doses for the first day or two. He then describes successively
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inversion can be begun. The paralysed part that falls in is generally
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action of protoxide of nitrogen from a consideration of the above
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which he attributes to a reflex influence exerted through the pneumo
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ing dormant if there be no sufficient irritability of
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sensations which almost any morbid aftection of the lung is capable of
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ness had been from time of birth or had come on at any
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perfectly straight stands on a block or book from one to three inches
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as fhall hereafter be made good and that too for one ingle
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movement of pushing upwards to the extent of about half a line along
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haemorrhage on the left side. The symptoms gradually subsided and the
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examined she directed attention to a swelling in the abdomen on the
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notice certain cases observed by himself. These present various forms
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Ophthalmoscopic examination showed a filament in the vitreous cham
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death. The anterior lobes were healthy. The defect of speech was
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In connection with the subject of intussusception a singular case
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subject in like manner contemplates every case of spinal
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by suppuration of the sac and gradual obliteration of its cavity and no
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showed between chorion and amnion a gelatinous mass resembling
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st.nngiy j yp j j j l knovvlcdffe IS reminiscence. There arc
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peripheric extremities of the vagus in the heart arrives at the following
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A full table of the cases with references to the notes will be
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cellent and that the horizontal cicatrix neither distorts the curvature
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seminated and lead to secondary growths most commonly in
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considers that there is sufficient evidence in favour of the idea of a
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contained an interesting essay by M. Preyer on some of the peculiari
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seen that such a state of congestion is sometimes produc espedaifv
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but the glands were not touched as they were only slightly enlarged and
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by exertion the patient is fixed and cannot move. Dr. Salter thus
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increased in number rather than size. The stomach was healthy and
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carditis muscular tissue of heart pale and fatty. The second case was
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board is by many esteemed preferable to a mattress. It
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points connected with the operation and u.rges the danger of delay
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gangrenous presenting a mottled appeax ance and being so soft
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that to achieve this would be in nearly every case to achieve
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to saw them off to which latter opinion Mr. Hancock himself seems to
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in both eyes. The corneal wound soon healed but the boy complained
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singing.il Vic D Azyr relates the case of a woman who Singular
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liar bent of a mind in many respects singularly consti education
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effect of Faith bccaufe the intellectual actions are derived
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which appeared to be strangulated although there was no vomiting. After
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