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the orifice. Some of the chordae tendineae are ruptured. The vegeta

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Dr. Eennie whose experiments and observations Dr. Faye had not seen

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In syphilitic retinitis or neuritis with or without choroiditis the

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habit. We have hence liad examples as noticed w ith very long

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constant inspiration for me. My pride in being your brother is boundless.

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processes of the dorsal vertebrae projected and were pain

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either edge of the foot. After extirpating however the whole astra

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process. Hayem raises the question whether all cases of fatty changes

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This alarmed him and led him to feel for his pulse but

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afforded by the history of local outbreaks in this country which will of

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proved by the frequent traces of their scars found in the bodies of

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Specimen i886ej. The growth is either a sarcoma or an endothelioma.

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transitory excitement of the attention causes an increase in the tempera

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specific gravity was loio and there was a trace of albumin

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several weeks after the primary injury must elapse before the develop

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and during his treatment by Dr. Moore symptoms of derangement

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Vvas inexact. Sanderson utilises this button for obtaining a standard of

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Suppurative peritonitis was found. The influence of the zymotic or

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ral as a local circumfcription. Thence I confidered the minde

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Again with cases of cancer of the peritoneum or of the

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Extirpation of a tumour from the anterior crural nerve togetlier ivith

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found in the necrotic masses. Fixed in formalin and preserved in

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flatical Contemplations ef c. Since the known poverty of our

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became more frequent and his death occurred on April 21

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children in which fruitless attempts at resuscitation had been made

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various other diseases their pathognomic value is small.

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stances also been found serviceable in most of the species ache.

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that many have increased in size by fusion of adjoining spaces

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case with the man under Dr. Gee s observation at St. Bartho

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the sterno cleido mastoideus muscle and the orbicularis palpebrarum of

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further increased upon men whose calling compels them to carry heavy

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tation of bile ducts of new formation. It must however be

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and he could distinguish nothing but white and black. He had also

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patient a man set. 44 the wound had been treated by compression

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A clinical meeting Mr. Stephens President in the chair.

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the growth invaded the neighbouring bronchial lymphatic glands and

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the Nature of Mental derangement and it is well de

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ous succession in vain. Sometimes external and some

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meatus in Reid s base line and ih inches above. This

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The great hazard resulting from this tendency to spas

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noma of the breast the fibrous tissue in parts is considerably sclerosed

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operation. One of them broke under the forceps and it was necessary

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air entry absent over three fourths of the chest back and

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fered under these two circumstances. If one cut vagus or vago sympa

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The scarlatina epidemic lasted but a little while and appeared in places

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for the quickening of the lurking seminium of the poison

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in good health. The most prominent part of the growth that was distorting

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case the cocci found in the tissues did not possess a capsule.

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fever reappeared on the nth day and fresh eruption attended it. The

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Inguinal colotomy was performed twenty one times with one death.

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contrary g id to havc ovcrstepped the latter by a few paces the

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Kyphotic transverse contraction of the pelvis is carefully described by

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little return of consciousness. Temperature had on June 8

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Of the fatal cases in the first the intussusception was not

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the case the patient address his visitor by his proper

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the will is in many cases incapable of resisting it and

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cellent and that the horizontal cicatrix neither distorts the curvature

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not hsemorrhagic and when the effusion is hsemorrhagic it is

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scar the after condition of which is likely to be satisfactory.

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Belladonna. Dr. Harley also investigated this drug and found that

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the fluid from the joint but without much result. Then he was

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not acquainted with its being pervious to sound. genSiy

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onely a medium to the fear of God yet from that muft our

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the upper third of the third. The operation was followed by recurrent

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from which also Specimen 483a Series i. was removed. The nodules are

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pre3er cd in volumes of reports lectures amp c. Ed.

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accounted for the urine being normal. The second case was one of

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fhe oJher Js dependent for its vigour and expansion without it the

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Illustrated striving night and day and week after week for the first

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loss of speech. After partial recovery of that faculty verbal amnesia

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became very delirious soon after the operation then developed pneumonia

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coloured by blood. These growths proved to be sarcomatous and a

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Rance morse for the enormity of his past life and before the

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covery upon the principle we often had occasion to advert

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vous fluid secreted by the brain and its dependencies. And

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given as a fact by various physiologists from the time of

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nently depressing and ought not to be allowed. The mineral acid treat

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disease of the kidney and liver in an infant aged 8 weeks in