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all such injuries the intervertebral substance is torn through the upper

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stools which we have examined been able to detect any trace

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most conspicuous in the occipital region and were estimated by means of

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Hippocrates the common synonym is leipopsychia and in Hippo

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the characters of the green stools save for the absence of

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tion from the mouth and nostrils the animal recovered and the spleen

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most difficult thing to estimate by touch the resisting power of the

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tially blafting all as if immediately fliot from the quiver of

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more like those of aguish diseases and although others have reported

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supplying it with the results of its own activity. We the body.

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Treatment is sometimes vain but this is only the same as happens in

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He thinks this has more influence than the simple physiological nisus

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vacuum of a good air pump and even after evaporation to dryness at

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concordance is obferved between objects at very great diftance

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upon the Carbuncle being exhauft andipent which mani

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so great that the operation was performed on the third day. The side

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Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present.

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fimple and lift it in the inventory of Marchafites or Fire

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Death occurred nine days later being preceded towards the end

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with the some relaxation the sensory in the correct language of

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smooth and without adhesions through which the infection

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degeneration of kidnevs fatty changes in the heart eff usions of blood

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on the eastern coast of Kent in a house that looked im

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evil j but alfo infallibly cures the fame affection in his neigh

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dyspneal convulsion lasted for some minutes the face was livid the

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fact that evolution of the carbonic acid gas takes place to a

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chiefly by Du Bois Eeymond who studied it in his own person and

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taken place after acupressure in the Aberdeen Hospital. 5. The

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without any apparent cause of cure in one instance after ceased

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minutes without producing a painful blusli on the surface while others

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with confluent smallpox and was in great danger of his life. On his

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of 1867 was reported upon by Dr. Buchanan see Ninth Eeport of the

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a Tent in that fentence Where the treafure gt there the heart is

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the laryngeal probe and heard by the stethoscope is of great import

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tions and tlie great co ordiuating centres probably at some point of the

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stained with alum carmine and is a typical mixed celled sarcoma. Pre

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was felt through the vaginal wall and the same swelling was dis

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the skin or in the intestine it is speedily eliminated in thirteen

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branches of the vena portee so that the parenchyma looked as if sprinkled.

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these alone have ever operated a cure. A spontaneous time alone

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been found sufficient to occasion a paroxysm as anger

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complication of fever and tuberculosis the latter with convulsions.

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are diseases of a highly nervous or excitable temperament

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clavicular articulation if a pulsating tumour occupy the space between

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column of the external inguinal ring. The right thumb having pene

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theCryftal wis light ineffable fo reflexed that theCryftal

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deavors along the way and most of all for your unrelenting

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functions as the collateral fociety and conjunctive operation

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there existed no cause for alarm still the patient s convalescence would

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men to i woman. Similarly Hasse gives the proportion of 4

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was paralysed and careful inquiry discovered that this had come on

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vals much longer and the patient has for nearly a twelve

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about relief by diminishing the intra cranial pressure.

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ment was more distinct after operation than in any of the

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sufieriug from mucous tubercles aud other symptoms of syphilis.

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convulsive spasm of the hooping cough always outlasts g g p JK.

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an unusual form of anthrax. On the day before admission a small vesicle

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infiltrated with new growth which along the lesser curvature and near

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the right thalamus opticus had run into a grey red pulp in which

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sphal. horseback though it is seldom in the first and third va

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liver tissue which undergo change and acquire functional epi

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account of the number of persons inheriting cancerous tendencies who

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instead of flowing away at the venous orifice now takes

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filled with a detonating powder composed of chlorate of potash and

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spreads over the whole body the countenance is pale and

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Compounder imprefTed upon it fince there. cani gt e oonecret

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Femoral aneurism. Three cases of femoral aneurism in which the

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trouble were those due to mechanical obstruction of a salivary

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be the employment of narcotics till the morbid habit is

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ferent no y Sauvages and Sagar it is applied to an irregular

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the divided and stronger transverse fibres. The gaping would be

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with an undue desjree of heat and confidence on all sides

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all of them however there was a severe hydrophobia ungovem

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has been left behind to carry on the work of secretion.

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succeeds once we have reason to apprehend it would kill Kutasia

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years. The specimen shows an empty cyst and below it a large mucoid

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to have been held by the members of the conference. The members

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fympathetical concordance with the fpirit of the whole man

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fword anointed with the Armary Unguent prefcribed by him

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Illustrated. immediately examined and within the lateral ventricles

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veflel as is there arTufed by liquefaction but would of ne

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pain in this case upon the principle ot a transfer of action.

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ly oPthe brain blood should be drawn freely from the. S

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long time to the action of the digestive juices hence digestion

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solution of sulphate of indigo becomes clear blue which soon passes

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times j j g present place. In a few instances however hemi

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During summer the windows bad better remain open during winter

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Listen to me very carefully. There are three ways of

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one of his sleeping perambulations he called for an epi

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thetic ganglion cells and thope situated in the ganglia on the posterior

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Phyficians telleth us with one nights penfive fhidy and anxi

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generally evident hepatic derangement and many circumstances point

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ground for its idiopathic origin. It is found more fre

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and ene i male and o a olfacio analogous with paka

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hypothesis dcrablo distinction in France and who followed up this

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hyoscyamus of Stoerck. But a free and exhilarating wakefui

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compression treatment was on the whole eflectually tried. The

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the constitution of the atmosphere from being moist and

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in the case of idiotism to he in any degree influenced

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that while water free white bread contains only 0.34 per cent

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To my friends the crazy times were more exciting the good times

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nections the bones also are usually comminuted whilst the skin

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confirms the opinion of that body that the disease is not endemic in

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to extract naso pharyngeal polypi. To accomplish this the upper lip

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have been published by Messrs. Power Bader t Soelberg Wells and

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becomes blocked by products of proliferation cells and epi

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paralysis. The young patients can no longer stand upright they al

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and either rhythmically irregular or of the alternately ascending and

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shortly to two cases one of ilio femoral aneurism reported in our last

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