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have read the book through with the utmost diligence and care and

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well described by the writer who reminds us that this operation can

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and the whole kept in place by a handkerchief. Each applica

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can we reconcile the two apparently contradictory opinions ex

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order that the autopsy should be thoroughly complete. The dura mater was

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very rarely on both sides either original traces of epilepsy in

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are then killed at as low a temperature as possible usually from

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most minute examination disclosed no lesion. The thymus

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series of local conflicts between isolated groups of doctors on the one

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washing kinds as they are made mostly from cheaper fats and the

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fantile convulsions and it rarely happens that in such cases one

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phenomena. Heart apex beat in normal position but the

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deaf and semi mute should be taught by the oral method but separately

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time already to complain of headache and the aberration of

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both the severity of the pain and the size of the tumour

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point is that the trachoma virus and the virus of inclusion blenor

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old age. The complaint began two and a half years previously by trembling

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as unilateral hypertrophy. In this communication I mentioned

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corresponds to the motor paralysis. On October 8 1863 I was

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times though rarely it occurred during the night but it then

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I often mentioned in my lectures when I was professor of

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series than the present and the average interval was

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irrigation practised for three months with no improvement. A vaccine

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flapping of the mediastinum which led to a diminished gaseous

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fine sand and cannot mix with water. Creosote or cor

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success as regards cure of the aneurism which has followed

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described in Experiments 13 and 17 they resembled in

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a firm resistance then when an attempt is made to extend the

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by paralysis for example either of the upper and lower limbs

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who were hydrocephalic from birth. In such cases the wor

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accumulation of such numbers might yield results of both clinical

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being wanting and by a facet on its inferior border with

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in the first duty of a professor the duty of bringing students in

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He was nineteen months old and had only cut six teeth. He

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properties. Twenty viruses were investigated and only 3 yielded

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Indioo. A blue vegetable substance used in dyeing and

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not lose their equilibrium when their eyes were shut.

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missing the cavity with the trocar at the first exploratory

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not surprising if what has been said at the outset is borne in

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held it to be a movable kidney with in addition possibly

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have apparently come off worse and for this reason

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descending gradually along the thigh and ajffecting the foot

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Since that time I have myself adopted strychnine and the

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tissues as well a neurility or trophic force must in certain measure

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tion have not been so successful and perhaps the best that

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jerked voice but still answering questions to the jooint. The

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all the characters of tubercular matter. The cerebral tissue

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similar to those described by Professor Trousseau in the above Lecture that there

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plastique can be readily accommodated to Mr. Savory s

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I wished to direct your attention. The patient had I say cere

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flask and carefully drop in nitric acid stirring frequent