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that they are perhaps very often overlooked. They generally
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These adhesions of the pleuras and dense tissue surround
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certain movements which he first performs himself before them
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becomes fused with the rib above but afterwards separates
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entreaties of the friends who ask for bleeding as well as the
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re establishment of that function but vomiting having set in
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An examination of the body was made on the following
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about six years ago. At first slow and uncertain in its course
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he says and a fortnight before his admission into the hospital
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appears directly to settle this question in the negative.
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The operation performed by Wilms for movable caecum is the
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dide of potassium 10 grains iodine 5 grains distilled
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and when it is required decant the clear portion for use.
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tive and at the end of six weeks all oedema and induration had