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tions which require passing notice. The grasp of the hand is
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ing in alkali precipitating with acid then washing and
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prevent antagonistic substances reaching a focus of infection. For
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Microscopic structure. The bulk of the growth consists
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March. She was given strychnine at first but narcotics were
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Syrup J L Sugar 3 lb. distilled water 1 pint dissolve
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declared that he played well that he knew all the tricks of the
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out patient department of the Infirmary. There no surgical
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employed to give consistence to the mass and when the
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they be due to some peculiar change in the intimate structure of
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normal circumstances from 5 to 10 per cent and the morbidity reached
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tion as if nothing had occurred. The attack does not proceed
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When the movement was inaugurated the Edinburgh Medical
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of all the reliability of the technique by which they are measured
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in the existence of a paralysis of undetermined causation. An
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may disappear but as a rule the paroxysms become less and
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who requires a more than usual amount of support and stimulus.
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ness. The temperature rose beyond the mean for a few
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Otly Almond. Ohtamed by pressure from bitter or sweet
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sensation which starting from some point of the body becomes
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S S a cabman aged 33 married a stout strongly built middle
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late. Some unfortunates with enlarged prostates have to strain
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