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certain strains resist the action of the serum and multiply in

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second. Besides if the cry be indicative of anguish the expres

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disease. On the other hand the pulse was too good for

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only but not the plates themselves. In a note it is stated Ce

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in his Clinical Lectures. This illustrious physician was attend

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classes of foetuses occupying the posterior positions viz. slightly

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solution of sodium citrate and afterwards treated with a diluting

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Lastly the case of the young woman which I have related

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with defect in the growth of riba. The entire muscle including its

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intestinal carcinoma may grow for a long time without being

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parts and have thicker walls than normal. The tube has

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It cannot be ascribed to any abnormal change in the

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nearly horizontally outwards. It has also only a single

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which to the naked eye even appears finely lobulated and

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avoided on account of the coloured product which is

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reduction under chloroform combined with massage and early

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shown at Fig. 1. The section does not involve the central

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These examples show that although the condition is sometimes

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opened in the middle line below the umbilicus. The peritoneal cavity

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Lately Professor Wunderlich has published several cases in

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after the infliction of the wound there had been no signs of

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a word of French. When I question him he understands me

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yields no precipitate with liquor potassae in all these

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children with a European and who on being married to a mulatto

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such cases and chloroform inhalations rank first among them.

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symptoms are concerned does not differ from the delirious

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