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Mr. Wilkie showed two cases of syphilis treated with salvarsan. The first

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articulating and this persisted for three months. She remembered words and the

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of partial epilepsy as I sliall prove to you hereafter when treat

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For some time now he has been free from this pain. The left

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Tinctures are spirituous solutions of various substances

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which the orbit became involved after the extraction of a tooth.

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To any who take a general view of the biological scheme

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tendent at the Brown Institution Assistant Physician

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accidents. By this organic predisposition I do not mean soften

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The case is of interest both from the pathological and clinical points

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resume of the writings of some of the observers whose

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quired a common action of several muscles tending to the same

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removal of the focus by ordinary methods is impracticable and

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where conception took place. Observations in Germany

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interpret them. Meanwhile I pass on to the other great clini

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national Medical Monographs pul lished under the general editorship

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well imtil his illness began some six months before

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Besides the leucin and tyrosin arising as a result of diges

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colon and by dividing these and thus still further freeing the caecum

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in the affirmative but will add the quahfication of symptomatic

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softened it was no doubt affected and M. Fernet has himself

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the hinge action of most parts of the foot is in abeyance. Apart

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the scybala are moved down the gut. In some experiments where the

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the Medical and Chirurgical Society and I trust that in the

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passed over posterior to the obturator tendon which thus

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preliminary non febrile infection and in the form and