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and spreading from those surfaces to the tissues beyond

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megs 5 drachms proof spirit 1 gallon water 2 pints.

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was softened but not diffluent around the whole mass. The

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JSes iZ. Recovery with complete temporary disappear

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of considerable experience in working along the lines suggested. This

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Bernard have shown that the section of both inferior laryngeal

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cases actually recorded have been at first regarded as carxliac disease

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acid either before or after emitaet with the metals. A

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previously the patient first noticed a firm swelling in the lower part of

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of excavation were marked out as indicated in the diagram

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of either the man himself or of the eAcnts which were shaping

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tremors changes in the reflexes thick speech and unsteady

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scopic examination of specimens taken simultaneously

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is never so great as that felt by individuals suffering from pure

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in which the Aphasia was extremely marked and the paralysis of

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and why this was so did not appear perhaps there was

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been diagnosed on a double lesion of the ventriculo aortic

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one instance No. 18 was anything present fairly and

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was complained of when the eleventh dorsal vertebra was

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two similar attacks. Since the day he fell down on the Boule

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transverse parts of the arch calcareous plates are seen in

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sight merely indicates that muscular sense is not completely

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hour and even more the symptoms had not run the same slow

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a foreign albumen is discussed. In a word are placental antibodies to

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in the lower part of the inferior mesenteric system they drain

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tise the interesting details into which he has entered on this

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should come into play in order to steady regulate and moderate

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The pains which I described in the first period of the disease

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occurring during convalescence from a grave fever and to

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In this ofispring from clinical oljstetrics the author details his large

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violence which immediately followed. These details were told

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spent the winter of 1860 61 pretty well and when I saw him