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last named diseases be added to the foregoing the number of

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process the left lamina and transverse process are distinct.

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under the subject of cerebro spinal meningitis. In spite however of

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Century Blackwood amp Son Edinlmrgh and London 1896 gives at vol. i.

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sciousness as when chloroform is used during labour.

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to be scientific it deals indeed with the training of the will

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The operation has been placed on a different basis since

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manner of invasion of the complaint. She brought the child

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acters is distributed in a probability ratio in the propagative part

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course of rheumatism. One of the vegetations formed on the

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been accompanied with loss of consciousness. Once his wife on

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tion occurring through the middle of what was originally

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declines from 3 to 9 below the normal mean of corre

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contagion. Whether or not the monkey could acquire the

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Lastly there is a disease of which few instances will come

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through the portal vein the spleen may be regarded as a

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least convulsive movement. Although rare such cases are yet

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exactly as if she had been struck with apoplexy. She begins a

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improvement. Surgical measures were employed in most of these

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endowments are permanent and independent of any future changes

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pregnancy and puerperium Avere difficult to diagnose and were liable

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sensation of pain produced by tlie passage of an electric current

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curves is extremely suggestive of their accuracy and I

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I will give you a few instances in illustration. The first one

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would occur in pelvic suppuration of almost any kind and

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to say he goes on playing during the attack and although he is

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to this form of delirium which we shall call the intellectual

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liable and during which the impediment in her speech was so

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person s hand on his own and by the sensations which he will

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and other forms of contractions because from w hat you have

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spot not far off on the free surface of the skin was a

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ing and wiring it down. With sugar it may be evapo

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Thus an instrument maker made for a young epileptic who had

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Edward D. aged 21 a labourer was admitted 1st July 1899

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in which the Aphasia was extremely marked and the paralysis of

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the other hand the sunlight concentrated by a lens be made to fall

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At length the patient opens his eyes at first he looks around

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Catalogue. A very full account of them by Dr. Goodhart

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issues. The detailed records which have been collected with care are

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