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know. Muscular jerks occur occasioi ally also at the same

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apparatus or the patient may not have reacted for a long time to

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The following table illustrates the salient features and history

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the solution of which will determine for good or evil the status of

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scapula. The groove was situated at the extreme margin of

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round the upper part of the arm prevents the fit. Ed.J

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ankles and above all the buttocks and the face. The eruption is

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sometimes made up according to private prescription

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after an enema of brandy. The wound was dressed on the

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for if that rises the general appearance of the patient

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assistance to a student in focussing what is known about A arious

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of the dura mater. In operations therefore upon the pituitary the

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with weight he advised the use of an apparatus invented by Steinmann a

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attention to the fact that Todd regarded the posterior columns as

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as Dr. Briquet expresses it in the orthodox manner. In other

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after excluding an exceptional instance. The hour is

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also be induced by rubbing the cheek or the upper lip with the

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paste in he bent his head forwards making at the same

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permanent fistulous communications have formed between

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d at the post mortem examination the following lesions were

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After giving the particulars of a case which occurred in

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the likelihood of a relapse the result was negative. Yet

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whether also there had been nervous twitches in the beginning of

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completely paralysed. The alteration of the sense of taste was

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Salep. The prepared root of the orchis mascnla amp o. Boil

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expectorating that is to say he cannot mrke with his thoracic

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meningitis When in order to ascertain how many teeth the

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into the three lower ribs. On the right side it was inserted

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in his usual manner and then make a second and more forcible

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between an epileptic seizure and an hysterical fit. As to the

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pericardium and pleura how it may be asked should it be

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In the foregoing paragraphs tuberculin as T.A. has been

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the kerbstone and for this he had lain in hospital unconscious

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were doubtful tuberculosis of the lung from a clinical point of view was

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the patient gets into some condition which enables her

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on the twelfth day after fall I found that the spirillum

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the sinuses of the dura mater and the whole substance of the brain

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tricity a large portion of the pectorales were found to have

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eye balls are often partially uncovered during sleep. In a young

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It melts by heat but loses no weight at an intense heat

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domain of the dermatologist rather than that of the otologist.