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cine has operated on the bowels. Used properly this

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again and the patient died suddenly three weeks after the

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of plumpness prevents the production of the characteristi

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staphylococcal vaccine in the doses given above acne bacilli in

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effects on the glands and blood vessels of the skin but clinically

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proportion is large it will impress when not required to

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bodies were seen on each microscopic preparation. But neither

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In locomotor ataxy which has not yet reached its final stage

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or refrigerant in the imperial drink it forms an ingre

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something in that benign face strangely reminiscent of a shy and

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new connective tissue and yet the tumour cells grow and infil

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at least to retain all his intellect. He answered me to the

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restricted to the first temporo sphenoidal convolution. When the

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Jadelot of the Children s Hospital consists in the adminis

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that under the most favourable of conditions it can with difficulty

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it is due to an inflammation of the respiratory tract.

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embarrassed and then perfectly natural. The attack lasted four

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more or less considerable extent. Hence if the disease should

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Lecturer on Midwifery and Gynecology School of Medicine of the

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thesia of the lower limbs set in which persisted until his

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functional disturbances met with in this disease namely feeble

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The propositions referred to are three in number and run as follows

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fearful convulsions and rigidity which characterise tetanus and

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well confound the changes of acromegaly with leontiasis ossea or

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moreover very definitely instructed the Council to inform the Insur

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when he ate that his food tasted to use his own words like

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in my hands by the kindness of Mr. Heath I was quite

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far the greater number it is best heard just outside the apex beat.

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Dr. Lasegue makes the observation in the excellent memoir

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ducting or abducting the fingers subserve the important purpose of flexing th

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the bell and when a servant came into the room Mr. X

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To my good fortune it has fallen to be the first to

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when they are superficial. I shall presently tell you of what

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only recognition it received till lately was in 1861 in Spiegelberg s