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since the first seizure which had presented the same symptoms

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on which our present knowledge of the labyrinth is based. There can

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of bergamotte 1 oa. oik of doves sassaftas and thyme

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the phenomenon is a striking one. After mild specific at

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nous deposits and other exudations be found in its sac as in

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Professor Mosler the opening in the intercostal space was

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plicated the matter not unfrequently makes its way round

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to find the second and fourth ribs on the right side second

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regularly four times a day. Fifty four hours after in

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learned from the owner that the animal was from a single birth.

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agency and reckoned as lasting from infection to fever

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generally of prognosis in infantile convulsions. Prognosis in

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of March 1912. She was suffering from bleeding at the nose and

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foetus in which the arches of the lower lumbar vertebrae are

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pinched integuments at the base of the fold and is next made

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has collected in his memoir the hysterical cough came on after

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venting them from softening and yielding some of their principles.

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three hours journey the patient who felt fatigued spent the

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yet recorded in which the paralysis has not been on the right

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boiling heat although the thermometer only indicated 98

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papers emanating from St. Mary s being collected and issued annually.

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They had normal attachments into the first and second ribs.

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were clearly fluid and therefore I tapped it with an

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of the flat foot symptoms. I notice however that patients get

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When the movement was inaugurated the Edinburgh Medical

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impressions than records of fact. She the Commissioners found mis

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introduced into the sac three pairs of fine sewing needles

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upon as the seat of the faculty of co ordinating movements. Dr.

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but is moderate with frequent remissions. Thus febrile action

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when the smoke issues from the stem it may be lighted.

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and brown sugar equal parts burn in a covered cruci

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Death took place at 4 a.m. We had already ascertained that

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and had the same congested appearance as the posterior columns

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swelling and by means of an incision parallel to Poupart s

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and more thorough than the chapters on the urine and the blood and

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